DLive is NOT an option!!!

in izlude •  2 months ago

PSA - When DLive switched over to Lino, they also changed the player software. Before the upgrade, they gave previous users the option to have their videos ported over to the new platform. This worked for about a month, up until the player was overhauled and videos would no longer play.

A lot of us submitted support tickets to find out what happened. They claimed that their new player was no longer compatible with older videos, however we should be able to still download our videos and re-upload them so that they would still be in our library.

Well that's where things didn't quite work out. No videos were able to be downloaded. I had about 1,900 hours of video just up and disappeared. My library did still show thumbnails, however clicking them gave the error that the videos were missing.

So I asked support what happened. No answer.. Ticked Completed. I submitted another ticket, asking why I couldn't download my videos. The result was their team deleting my entire library and completing the ticket, not a single word.

I'm now aware that DLive will once again be switching formats, possibly resulting in the same issue. New player, new encoding, new host, new wallets. This is perhaps the most unstable platform I've ever used.

Here's hoping that BitChute implements live streaming very soon, I've so far had a lot of good experiences on there. Bit.Tube seems like an option, but I'm not really sure how stable or solid that platform is. It does let you mine though, that's the good thing about it. BitChute even has tips. Well, it's a pity that DLive really screwed up there. I see a lot of people streaming on there right now, but little do they know, the same thing that happened to me and others will now happen to the new comers.

This is a warning for you users of DLive to constantly BACK UP YOUR VIDEOS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM!!!

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