Dear Followers - Waiting on Steemit Features

in izlude •  last year

Hey guys, I'm gonna be doing some Dlive videos for a while... Steemit apparently isn't quite ready as it is missing certain features that are crucial to any blog.  Google Plus has "Collections" and this is simply a MUST, otherwise the feed will be random and confusing for viewers (also waiting for Dtube to implement the manual Hide feature to put "broken videos" out of sight on the public end....   I am waiting on posting my paranormal (original) content, including metaphysical, Saturn Matrix, Simulated Reality, Flat Earth etc... once Steemit gives us the ability to organize posts, I will start producing this content on a regular basis.

In the mean time, I will play some old school NES games on Dlive, including duck hunt etc...  Stay tuned ;)

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