The Snoopy and Belle Phenomenon--When I Was a Kid (My Entry for the #IWasAKid Challenge)

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I could write so many of these. But, here is a first entry. I've been fascinated by @grow-pro's #iwasakid challenge for a while, but was working on posting my novel here. Now that it's done, I can do some other cool things (maybe even a new novel, who knows?).

Anyway, when I was a kid, Snoopy had a girlfriend, yo! Her name was Belle, and there were commercials on Saturday morning cartoons for the pair of them. Any kid who was anyone had Snoopy and Belle dolls, each of which came with their own Woodstock, which was odd, since it was marketed as the same Woodstock, but if you got both dolls, you ended up with two Woodstocks. Was Woodstock cloned for Belle?

One Christmas when I was nine years old (judging by my hair in this picture....I had bangs by the time I was 10), I got the coveted Belle doll, along with her cloned Woodstock, and my brother got the Snoopy doll, with OG Woodstock. It gave us an excuse to play together (not that we ever needed one, because we were tight), and also to show off our awesome toys to our friends. 

Here's me on Christmas morning, showing off Belle and Clone Woodstock.

I have no idea what happened to Snoopy and Belle. Belle and Clone Woodstock were displayed in my room for a few years, and show up in the background of a few more childhood photos. I guess my brother and I abandoned them (i.e., donated them) for cooler toys when we got a little older. 

I suppose Snoopy and Belle and their respective Woodstocks ran off together, had a whole bunch of puppies, and are living happily ever after on the Island of Misfit Toys (if you get that reference, you are definitely of my generation).

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Totally saw Jim Rome when I was in FLA one day when I was not playing hockey down there.

An ice rink full of Clones there in The Jungle.



"Ice rink full of clones." Lol! :)

I wanted to make sure you saw that and it adds to my world adventures of being down your way at one point.

I was still playing 3 sports semi professionally at the time so I got a lot done down there including a lot of drinking at Gators.

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