The Cathedral of Firenze - Der Dom von Florenz!

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Hey guys! My next aim is the cathedral of Firenze. Did you know that it is the fourth largest church in Europe? Suddenly I just felt like a little ant next to the building. The building has the masses: 153 meters long, 38 meters wide and the dome is 90 meters wide. The incredible thing is that the construction of the church began in 1296 and Firenze was one of the most important and economic centers in Europe at that time. The cathedral practically became a status symbol. I did some laps around the cathedral and even at night I took a picture of it.

I would like to share some <3

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Firenze is ranked on the 25th "Most visited places in the world"

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.15.16.png
The building is really huge

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.13.31.png
The architecture is also quite unusual

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.17.27.png
nice view

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.18.36.png
Me ^^

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.19.15.png

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Cathedral of Firenze by night <3

Wish you all a nice Thursday evening - See You Soon - Big Hug Lena <3 <3

Deutsch / same post in German

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Hallo an alle da draussen! Langsam nähere ich mich Richtung Dom von Florenz. Sie ist die viergrösste Kirche in Europa und man fühlt sich plötzlich wie eine kleine Ameise daneben. Das Gebäude hat folgende Grössen: 153 Meter Länge, 38 Meter Breite und die Breite der Kuppel beträgt 90 Meter. Das unglaubliche ist, dass der Bau der Kirche schon 1296 begonnen hat und Florenz war damals zu seiner Zeit einer der wichtigsten und wirtschaftlichen Zentren in Europa. Der Dom entwickelte sich praktisch zum Statussymbol. Einige Runden drehte ich um den Dom und selbst bei Nacht habe ich ein Bild von ihm geschossen ..

Einige möchte ich teilen <3

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.12.08.png
Florenz befindet sich auf Platz 25 der meistbesuchten Orte weltweit

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.15.16.png
Das Gebäude ist echt überdimensional gross

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.13.31.png
Die Architektur ist auch ungewöhnlich

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.17.27.png
Schöner Ausblick auf den Dom

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.18.36.png
Meine Wenigkeit ^^

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.19.15.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 19.21.47.png
Der Dom von Florenz bei Nacht <3

Wünsche euch allen einen schönen Donnerstag Abend - Bis Bald und nen fetten Drücker - LG Lena <3 <3


Thanks for the translation.....

These are very nice pictures. I am sad to see no recent posts. I hope you are in good health. We have new patrons for posters such as yourself such as who reward travel posts which meeting their criterion in the amount of words with large upvotes. There are others like Gems and OCD who reward such posts also. I hope you return. I will follow you and if you return drop me a comment and I will add you to my auto voter to support your blog. I think quality content creators make Steem stronger and I am willing to pay to support such content.

Take Care.

Ah, Lena is still in Italy apparently. I was amazed by the posting of historic photographs in the city of Florence. An amazing piece of art.

Truly amazing.

Woooww really
Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thanka for this dear @lenatramper

good travel & so nice place photo. i like my sistar @lenatramper

unfading beauty in B/W. happy to meet your posting early miss Lena

The building and design are very beautiful ...

I do not like the buildings but for sure the different colors of the skies , thanks for sharing that and of course the buildings :p

Immer noch in Italien.😊 Wie immer tolle Bilder.

I see you tonight is almost different from a very cruel face looking at the church building in Europe is very big and high @lenatramper

All your photos are incredible ...lenatramper

Hi friend how are you.
Are you okay.
I miss your presence in Steemit.
I hope you are fine and make the article back.

greeting @longberry

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for translated 🌸

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Impressive! This cathedral is featured in Dan Brown's Inferno.

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Please come back to steemit lena..

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I did not know that. Beautiful.

italia has magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, romantic, you have been in the middle of this beautiful city, your photography favored many of my friend, @lenatramper,☺️

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