Bitcoin Elliot wave update, considerations on the short and long term

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I think the building of the round bottom continues and the subwaves count keeps being coherent as you can see in the following charts.
You can zoom them to see the clearly.

In the 1h tf I think we just completed the correction of a leading triangle in wave one, this correction looks like a triple three.
In general I think we are at the start of the next wave 1.
I still have a big doubt about the count of the biggest degree, we could be in a start of wave 5 primary or in a wave 3 cycle, it depends if we consider the last big correction as a wave 2 or 4. Both counts have coherent subwaves but the entity of the correction makes me thinking more to a wave 2. If it is, welcome to the golden age. If it is a 5 primary then, we could also have a truncated 5 as seen the 4 was so big and the Bitcoin rise could end not so far from the start of the re growth which still has to arrive clearly. It could grow and stop below 20'000 and then do a very big dump.

I put here the count whit subwaves

BTCUSD - Primary Analysis 1 - Jul-19 2026 PM (1 week).png

Schermata 2018-10-03 alle 12.37.42.png

Schermata 2018-10-03 alle 12.38.03.png

Legal Disclaimer: All my analysis are just showing possibile scenarios and not predicting the future. Technical analysis gives wrong signals very often and it just give clues to reason on the future development of a financial product. The price move often in a unpredictable way. Never invest basing only on my predictions which can be wrong and always use a correct money management. I do it for personal interest for free, I am not a financial advisor nor is any content in this article presented as financial advice. The information provided in this blog post and any other posts that I make and any accompanying material is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or investment advice of any kind.

Informazioni legali:
Tutte le mie analisi sono fatte per divertimento e non sono affidabili, io non posso prevedere il futuro ma semplicemente cerco di trarre indizi da vari aspetti fra cui l’analisi tecnica per immaginare il futuro andamento dei prezzi.
Questo lo faccio perché mi diverte e qualche volta mi fido delle mie analisi al punto di utilizzarle a scopo di trade, ognuno di noi deve fare le sue analisi e non basarsi mai ciecamente su quelle degli altri.
Non ho quindi nessuna responsabilità per eventuali perdite che dovessero conseguire all’utilizzo delle mie analisi e io non sono un professionista che lo faccia per lavoro.

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