MY "CONVINCE ME" CHALLENGE: Why I still eat meat.

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Growing up in the eastern part of Africa (Nigeria precisely). Eating of meat has been like a tradition and our way of life.

Photo from the nigeria meat market

Almost 90% of Nigerians are omnivores
and roughly 10% are vegetarians.

Talking of about why I still eat meat, let's start with the bible creation story.
Been born in a Christian family we believe in a deity called (God and Jesus). everything on this earth was made all by himself and mostly humans were made in his own image and likeness.

In Genesis 1: 26, Our maker gave us dominion over all animals, were he said
"And now we will make human beings, they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fishes, the birds, and all the animals, domestic and wild, large and small".

Also in Genesis 1: 28, He said,
"He was putting us in charge of the fishes, the birds and all wild animals".

And literally it means to me he gave us, autority over the animals to do whatever we want with it, which also includes killing and eating it.

I back up this my point about killing and eating of animals with ACTS 11: 6-7.

He also talked about it not been an unclean act in the same ACTS 11: 9.

So you see from the beginning (the religious and spiritual aspect) that, we were allowed to eat meat.

Though most religion and country will say does animals do have right, but that also applies to the plants too we do eat. They also do have their own right just as the animals have too.

Now let's come to the real and theoretical aspect of me eating meat.

I would have first talk about the protein we gain from it, but that would be cliche because we can also get the same protein from plant proteins too.

But most importantly, our body don't usually save or keep the protein we eat.
This alone gives us reason as humans to take adequate proportion of protein each and every day.


We all know by now that about 20 percent of our whole body is made from protein.

Due to this, some people like the vegan might say that the main source of the protein don't really matter because it's a protein we get from both the plant and animal protein.

But I think that isn't right, because talking about protein, it also means talking about amino acids too.

Amino Acids
Protein vary from the different types of amino acids they have and contain.
And roughly in total sum, there are around 20 amino acids that our body makes use of, in making up protein.

So now while animal protein might have the complete and good balance of amino acids needed for our body, plant protein will not have.

Animal protein has higher content of methionine, tryptophan, lycine and isoleucine , which the plant protein doesn't have so.

Furthermore amino acids are classified as/into essential and non-essential.

And for a good health, our body needs all the essential amino acids mostly in the right ratios, which of course can be gotten mainly from animal protein like meat and poultry.

On the other hand, plant protein such as beans and nuts are considered to be not complete , as they lack one or more of the essential amino acids that our body needs.

It is interesting to know that animal protein tend to be high in several nutrients that are often lacking in plant protein foods, like for example:

             **Vitamin B12.** 

Vitamin B12 is mostly found in meat, fish, poultry and even dairy products. That is why most people who avoid animal foods are deficient in Vitamin B12

   **DHA: Docosahexaenoic acid.**  

(DHA) is an essential omega-3 fat mostly seen in fatty fish. and it is very essential for brain health, which we all know is hard to get from plant protein foods.

And most of the animal protein foods are connected to a reduced risk of heart disease, improved cholesterol levels, and increased muscle mass.

Though it is true that we are at high risk of getting disease in animals, but that can be reduced through proper cooking of the meat.

Photo snapped at a nearby restaurant in owerri.

Lastly been a Nigerian, we are used to eating and sucking the bone of hens in order extract the bone marrow in it.
This is because of the taste.
It is incredibly delicious, no matter the way it's been eaten -(with soup,stew or sauce).
Yes it has high quality fuel imbued with vitamins and minerals as we Nigerians all know, but it’s delicious taste is worth eating even if it were devoid of nutrition.

This is why I eat meat.

Thanks @evecab for this challenge...
And please if you want to join the contest, check her out on her blog.


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