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RE: My "Convince Me" Challenge - Why I still eat meat

in #istilleatmeat3 years ago

as a practicing freegan, supplements are not an option and it is very unhealthy to not eat a diet that provides all the nutrition the human body needs.
a vegan diet does not supply the body with everything it needs naturally and proof of that is the fact that you need to take supplements.

I personally think the amount of perfectly good food people and companys throw away is a bigger problem then if things die so we can continue living.

Just me though.


hey @skeptic, thanks for your comment =) Do you want to participate in this contest? If you do, please write a separate post about it and link it here.

I agree that throwing away food is indeed a big problem, however, it's unrelated to the issue of animal suffering. It's just another stupid thing humans do =)

I would love to hear more about your thoughts !

I cant make a post containing my opinions on subjects, leaving them in comments is dangerous enough with my whale stalkers making sure i dont say anything they might disagree with.
so i cant really enter but i do enjoy talking about stuff.

besides it would prolly just be a bunch of memes and jokes and basically a waste of ur time.

Have a great day and steem on!