Get Hamas out of power. That's good for the Israelis and the Gazans.

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I've dealt with this a lot recently. I've fielded this a few times today alone. Let's deal with the questions hurled at people on either side of the Israel--Hamas war care about dead children on the other side. What's more, what I get a lot of is people saying that I'm glossing over civilian deaths in the Gaza.

So, first of all, the question of caring has been asked in both directions. Of course, there are always bad people in any group; but, having engaged in as many debates as I have, having seen as many debated as I have, those questions always end up making the pro-Palestine people look stupid at best and evil at worst.

Almost every person on the side of Israel, including me, won't hesitate to say that every innocent life is worth trying to preserve, and that every death of an innocent person is a tragedy.

When the question is thrown back at the pro-Palestinian side...well...I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times they've balked, tried to change the subject, or outright denied that October 7th happened.

In fact, it's a regular response from the pro-Palestine people to say that Israel brought October 7th upon herself through her occupation of the Gaza (the one occupation in human history in which the "occupier" pulled all of her citizens out of the area). They say that October 7th is what to expect from an oppressed people.

Once again, that's a non-answer to the question of whether or not they value the lives of innocent Israelis. It's also a bullshit argument. Just to the South of Israel and the Gaza is Egypt, in which Coptic Christians are deprived of basic rights and regularly murdered, and the Coptic Christians have never once reacted with violence.

At this point, I think that the pro-Palestine people, and the credulous "I'm just against war" people are using this narrative of "caring" to try to goad people on my side into spending less time talking about reality and more time -- really all of our time that we spend on this subject -- placating the feelings of the other side. If I say one thing about the war that doesn't come with a bleeding hearted plea for the lives of the Gazan children, it would be one too many for them. It's fuel for them to accuse me of being heartless. They've discovered that holding Israel to an impossibly high standard while holding the Gazans to lower than dirt standards is a useful tactic; so, they hold supporters of high standards that they don't come close to meeting themselves.

It's been said twice to me, today alone, that it seems that Israel is "kicking them while they're down."

Both times, I chuckled. Of course Israel is kicking them while they're down. That's how you win a war against a group of radical maniacs. If you don't kick them when they're down, they regroup, rearm, attack again, and we start over from square one again.

The Allies surely kicked the Nazis when they were down in 1944. You think that, if we stopped bombing Dresden because we figured, "Oh, the Nazis are on their heels. There are some innocent people down there. Let's take our foot off the gas and see what happens." that Hitler still would have killed himself and the Nazis would have surrendered? If you do, you're delusional. Hamas believes that it has God on its side. Israel stopping right now, with Hamas on its heels, would be like Israel saying, "Okay, now think about what you did." and leaving the naughty kid alone in his room with the window open. No, Israel can't let Hamas get back up.

This is what winning a war looks like.

Still, we're all missing the useful question being directed at the correct people. That is to ask the pro-Hamas people if they value the well-being of the Gazan people. Of course, they'll say "yes" to begin with. Still, it opens the floodgates to followup questions about the use of human shields, the 20% of Hamas rockets that land inside the Gaza, what Hamas does to its innocent LGBT citizens.

I care about the the people of the Gaza enough to not support a lather, rinse, repeat strategy to the conflict. I care enough not to waste time placating useful idiots, dishonest actors, and Jew-hating genocidal dickbags.

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