It is forbidden to publish news of loss and death of the mosque:

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It is totally against the Shariah and the dignity of the mosque.
1- Abu Huraira said, "The Messenger (sm) said, whoever hears someone seeking to find lost things in the mosque, should say that Allah should not give you back. Because the mosques have not been created for this. [Saheeh Muslim H / 1288; Mishkat H / 706; Bangabanush Mishkat H / 654, 2/218 p.]
2- Reveal death news by spreading the news of the ignorance. For this, spending money on microphone or broadcasting news on Radio, TV. The Prophet (sm) strictly prohibited this matter.
Hudhaifah (R) said, ينهى عن النعي the Messenger (sm) has forbidden the news of death.
[Tirmidhi H / 986, 1/192 p. Ibnu Majah H / 1476, p. 106, 'Janazah' chapter, paragraph-14, Charan Hasan.]
He also said, "Be careful not to disseminate news of death, because the news of death is the practice of ignorance (Tirmidhi - Chapter: Janazah)
3-Giving death in the name of the news of death does not make any sense. Only people are shown. His proof is that the number of people is not different in all the funerals. Someone's funeral prayer
There are people, one hundred people do not even add to the funeral. But for all the deceased is miking. So there is no advantage in this. It is basically the reason for the person's reputation and quality. If you are well-wisher then he will hear the news of death, do not need to be informed by microphone.
4- Note that every person should avoid his relatives and relatives before he dies, so that the activities of 'Bid'at' are not held centrally on his death.
Especially mournful and mournful through various words. Because if he is not careful or satisfied with it, he will be punished in the grave.
The Prophet (sm) said,
'Did you not hear that Allah will not punish you for the tears of your eyes and the thoughts of your heart? Rather, he will punish for the sake of it. Then he pointed to his tongue. Or his
Have mercy on Surely Allah punishes the deceased due to the tears of his family. Omar (R) used to baton, stone him and throw the ground.
[Saheeh Bukhari H / 1304, 1/174 p., (Eifaba H / 1226, 2/387 p.); Saheeh Muslim H / 2176; Mishkat H / 1724, p. 150; Bangabool Mishkat H / 1632, 4/84, 'Janaza' section.]

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