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If we want to describe the personality of Hazrat Umar Farooq in two words, it will suffice to write “Adil Farooqi”. Hazrat Umar was a revolutionary in the matter of justice. While doing this justice, he used to exclude scope from Shariah as in Hijaz and Syria. There was a famine, people started stealing food because they were hungry, you suspended the punishment for theft, the issue of your son came up, the governor of Egypt said, "Sir, we have punished according to the law." But he laid his son down and whipped him with his hands. In the war with Persia, the Mujahideen were reduced. You also recruited Iraqi Christians and the apostates of Mosalma Kadhab into the army. During a corruption trial, the young man said, "Both I and this girl are young, but our parents married us." No, he got both of them married and flogged the parents of the boy and the girl. These incidents prove that he used to take out the maximum scope while doing justice. This is an incident of his time. A thief in front of him. He brought it. He punished him. He cried and said, "This is my first theft. Let me be forgiven." He said, "You are lying because nature punishes a person for the first or second mistake." It does not say, "Unless a person goes out of moderation, it will not be caught. You are also a habitual thief, otherwise nature would have made concessions to you." This statement of yours was proved true after investigation. The culprit confessed during interrogation. He had been committing thefts in the past as well. If we consider this formula of Hazrat Omar Farooq, we will come to the conclusion that the motorway tragedy is not just a tragedy. There is a big siren with different sounds and through this siren nature wants to inform us about our shortcomings. The first sound of this siren is telling that women are not safe in our country. Abid Dakit, Waqar Mechanic and Balamastri think that if a woman is robbed of her dignity during a robbery, it will not make any difference. We have only one angle from the women working in the house to the women sitting in Parliament. And this is the angle due to which women are not visible in the society even though they are 52% and even those who are visible pass through the sea side with their heads bowed and embarrassed. Why are women insecure in our society? ? Because we have not yet made laws to protect them. We have not really punished those who harass women. If you look at a woman in Europe, the state will make you a warning sign. In Pakistan, a woman who complains becomes a warning sign, so if we want to avoid accidents like the motorway in the future, then we have to make the woman safe and you do nothing for her. Enforce the laws that Europe has followed to protect its women.
The second voice is the police system. Our police are still living in 1865. In the name of investigation, the same "Oye, pick up the umbrella, hang upside down and kill" is going on. Investigation mobile phone data all over the world. CCTV cameras, face readings, software, forensic tests and scientific analysis have gone on. The CIA sits in the US and finds Osama bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor on the Pak-Afghan border. While even today we lock up his daughter and Waqarul Hassan and his sister in the police station to reach the accused Abid Ali to reach him and we continue to collect the search even today. If we really want to control crime in the country then we have to go for modern policing. We have to adopt today's scientific techniques instead of umbrellas. The third voice is our justice system. We have to believe that our justice system does not kill the oppressor but the oppressed. The oppressor gets out of it with great ease while the oppressed becomes more humiliated. In all the modern countries of the world, murder, humiliation and robbery are crimes against the state. In them, the oppressed is not the plaintiff, the state is the plaintiff. When we also put this burden on the oppressed, so that the accused either reconciles or buys the oppressed by suppressing them, or the plaintiff loses his courage by going round the courts and thus the accused is released. We should at least now make robbery, humiliation and murder a crime against the state. If Shariah interferes in this matter, you can be guided by the decisions of Hazrat Umar Farooq. If there is any concept of the state of Madinah in the world, then Hazrat Umar Farooq This was the golden age of the state. In his time, even the dogs sitting on the banks of the Euphrates did not go to bed hungry. The caliphs considered their non-maintenance as their responsibility. The fourth voice is our wrong thinking. We blame a person for his crime. The whole family is made a crime. For example, if the accused Abid's daughter was taken to the police station or Waqar Al-Hassan's sister was taken into custody or the whole family of the accused Shafqat was taken into custody, is that right? How can this be fixed! How can you punish a man, his family or the women of his house? Similarly, if an eunuch is killed or a prostitute is shot, we will put her murder in the account of her "character". This thinking is wrong. A human being is a human being, and even if it is in Guantanamo Bay. Her rights are not taken away. Secondly, whenever we get up, we abuse our mother, sister and daughter. After all, what is the fault of daughters, sisters and mothers? Why do we wrap them up with men! We also despise working women. In our eyes, women who ride bicycles and drive are also bad. Women can't even get an education. They can't even drive a taxi to raise their children. And this drug addict is crazy. And the oppressor cannot even get a divorce from her husband. What should they do? How long will woman remain a metaphor for men's hollow pride and when will we finally begin to consider her as a human being from the level of ornament, land and house? We need to change that. Fifth Voice You can see the profile of the culprits of the motorway tragedy. Who is the first culprit Abid Ali? Who is the uneducated, the unskilled and the very poor? His father Allah Dutta was also unemployed and he is one of the five siblings. He is also illiterate and unskilled. He is called Muhammad Iqbal Bala Mastri. He is a mechanic and he is also unemployed. Waqar Al Hassan Motorcycle Mechanic He has four brothers, three sisters and six children. There was unemployment and illness at home and Abbas is also the father of five children. He is also ill and works as a contractor in a factory. Who are these people These people are uneducated, unskilled and unemployed and they come from families of ten people. What will these people do when they see a bright and expensive life around them? Won't they form small gangs and return cars and houses? And there are 100 million such hairdressers in our country at the moment. They are illiterate and they don't know any skill, so how will they live again? How will they bear the expenses of ten people? Won't they make theft or robbery their job? We have to seriously consider this voice as well. We have to decide. We will not allow anyone in the country to remain unskilled. Make it a part of 'Let's develop a thousand trades and see the talent of the children and start teaching them different trades from the sixth grade onwards'. Make licensing and training mandatory for all craftsmen, such as hairdressers.
We should also increase the basic salary to Rs. 50,000 and make it mandatory. If a person is not studying after the age of 18, it will work in any case. We have to believe that today we will not be able to live a contented life except for hairdressers, mechanics and buggies (compassion) in the streets. We have to make them skilled and keep them busy, otherwise these people will be the same in the society. Like licking and also remember that nature is sounding the alarm again and again. If we don't listen to him, these hairdressers will not allow a car to hit the road after a few years, even if we hang 50,000 people, even if we deprive half the country of its masculinity. Why? Because we are holding the ear upside down, we are not putting out the fire, we are just blowing smoke.