Islam is the religion of humanity.

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Islam is the religion of humanity. Islam is the religion of peace. Islam has emphasized the importance of human beings, human welfare and philanthropic work. Not only important, but also encouraged participation in these works. Islam is considered as the best quality of humanity or goodness. Menabarbera has been discussed very frequently in Islam. Allah Ta'ala has said in Surah Baqarah of the holy Qur'an, if you do charity or help, it is also good. And if doing such work secret or unpredictable, it is better. The Holy Quran also has more say, do not repay you with any poor, helpless, orphan-poor person if you want something. Mohammed [Sa] dedicated his whole life to humanity's service. Not only in terms of service of the followers of different religions, but also in the case of non-Muslims, not just Muslims. He was the prophet of humanity. He was the man of the country. As a follower of humanity, we should have a great role to play, and in this case there is a huge role of Muslimity. Mankind, to play a leading role in the welfare of humanity was the great vow of the life of Prophet Muhammad. Nabiaji [Sa] said, those among you who take food after feeding his neighbor fasting, he is not my follower. Islam and Islam's prophet in this way gave importance to humanity. Being a Muslim is involved in human welfare activities, it is the duty of obedience to human beings. As a follower of Islam religion, as a follower of Mahanabi Hazrat Mohammad [Sa] - all of us should be engaged in human habitation according to the ability and ability. Allaah donates to all of us to participate in humanitarian work and to obey the instructions of Islam. Amin


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