How to get an IP address in Ireland?

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The beautiful nation of Ireland is not only known for beautiful castles, green areas, and rain, but also for rugby, enthusiasm, and Guinness. If you need an IP address in Ireland this article will tell you how to get one in an easy and cheap way.

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Maybe you want to get an Irish IP address to avoid some geo-blocks in Ireland, meaning that you are located outside Ireland and would, for example, like to watch a TV program on RTE or Virgin Media in Ireland. Or maybe you want to use the AerTV service where you can watch tons of TV stations and programs online, but you get an error because of your geographical location. In that case, a VPN subscription to PureVPN is the solution. They have several servers in Ireland and once you connect to one of them you will get an Irish IP address which will unblock your favorite TV streams in Ireland and then you can enjoy the show and feel like if you reside actually in Ireland.

Best VPN in Ireland

Many people use a VPN to get an IP address in Ireland, but another function with a VPN is that it will also encrypt your Internet connection, making a VPN in Ireland ideal if you are a tourist just coming in for a few days or maybe for a longer period of time. As you use wireless networks around in restaurant and hotels in Dublin a VPN connection will make sure that your private information stays private, and that none can sniff your credit card details or other confidential information. And since you are in Ireland the best is to use a VPN provider with servers there, because that will give you the best download speeds.

Get your IP in Ireland and Internet security

The best VPN provider with great speeds and lots of servers in Ireland is PureVPN. I have been using it personally several times mostly to watch TV shows from outside Ireland, and it works a lot. PureVPN also has great customer service, so if there should be any problems you can just tell them in the live chat or elsewhere and they will do their uttermost to help you. In addition, they have a 31-day money back guarantee which comes handy!

Go ahead and try it. And once you have tried it, it would be of great benefit to both me and my readers if you would share your thoughts and experience as you write a comment.

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