IOTA : News That Could Drive Up Price + Animation Video

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If you have been paying attention to the CryptoSphere you'll know that markets are often dictated by announcements and news cycles.

IOTA is a extremely promising and currently very undervalued in my opinion. I believe the price has gone up this week as there was market realization that free minerless transactions are the future. Also there was the announced incorporation of the IOTA Foundation in Germany on Nov 3.
Read more on the official blog post

Here is list of possible events that could impact the price of an MIOTA with no particular dates

Coming price rise sources:

-OKEx exchange listing
-Loads of IOTA developer hires coming soon
-First IOTA foundation grants awarded to specific 3rd-party projects
-Announcements of the first IOTA foundation in-house projects with their recently released funds (10's of millions of $)
-Filling in of the IOTA foundation's director seats with industry leaders and politicians
-New wallet by University College London
-New banking app style wallet CarrIOTA
-Possible Bittrex listing (only rumoured due to API code mentioning IOTA)

(A good man on reddit put compiled this) here

Also here is an explanation video for IOTA I came across. Throw it a like if you can, it has very few views on Youtube, an although a bit crude I think is very useful for explaining IOTA to newcomers.

Current market snapshot Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.38.12 PM.png

IOTA's 2 billion dollars market cap, maybe much higher one day and has attracted interest from Microsoft and other Gaints due to the possibilities of the gas free micro transactions on the IOT (Internet of Things)

Thanks for viewing, I wish you all massive gains, TANGLE ON!

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Thank you for these information!

I think iota will incerease up to .90 - 1.00 USD maybe go to the ATH but the we will fall back hopfully not under 1$ after hitting ATH.

What do you think?

Thats a decent goal i have a feeling it IoTa will have a s strong spring 2018 it it reaches the marekt cap of ethereum it will be about 7$ i beleive? Havent done the math