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Hey guys! here is a great review about ionChain - A High Potential IonChain Transactional System Which concentrates on reinventing the blockchain technology without sacrificing security or decentralization. Our revolutionary double layered blockchain.

With the expansion of decentralized blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum comes a growth in some other distributed ledger technologies. With the volume of electronic transactions growing at a worldwide scale, it's apparent that there's a need to boost the amount of blockchain based networks to continue with demand.

INTRODUCING ionChain-- IonChain provides an impressive blockchain which meets the worldwide standard and offers a protected, decentralized and scalable technology which ensures security through permissionless and collaborative mining.

Leveraging probably the latest technology to include things like a network of information engines commonly referred to as debris, big scale systems and dark sections which have the unique edge of scalability will be brought by ionChain. This can allow ionChain to fill the void which has been provided in the marketplace and grows along with the requirements of organizations across the world.

Furthermore, Cross transactions will be given on the platform and confirmed within minutes, with the selection of cross transactions increasing the response time. A sensible contract network that will be backed up by the Ethereum Virtual Machine will be operated by IonChain.

Security of transactions is actually guaranteed by our theoretic framework which means more than fifty percent of total hash power is actually delivered to the starting chain which acts to prevent any double spending.

The concepts of ionChain's design include increasing scalability while ensuring that decentralization and security are held in high esteem. It Creates cross share transactions constantly to offer quality user experience (QoE) in an ecosystem that's marketed as the key element to ionChain, able to help various platforms and bundles. granted to owners with a user-friendly account. The design of ours is going to enable scalability to fit the demands of maintaining high protection with a great degree of hierarchy.

The network has a base chain which is going to validate all blockchain sharded blocks but won't involve in any transactions.

Among other significant core function of the IonChain network is actually the fact that it's was created from the start with scalability in mind.

Horizontal Scalability - The networking operates every node to be a very total node and that enables the identical degree of protection from malicious strikes as standard blockchains.
Additionally, The networking is actually simple to operate, secure, along and enables public involvement together with the capability to associate inadequate miners in concert.

Because the IonChain network is much more decentralized compared to other blockchain methods, it's no question that the amount of protection is also much greater, with fifty percent of the hash power allocation kept on the starting chain. Sharing technology enables the potential to boost capacity based on the number of transactions have to be prepared, optimizing time with ease.

This is of the advantage in the area of :
• Allowing the network to scope as needed without compromising on efficiency or time.
• Security is actually produced by maintaining fifty % of the hash power in the base chain.
• Creating a greater level of decentralization as compared to a typical blockchain.


Name: ionchain token
Symbol: IONC
Foundation: Ethereum -> ionchain
Supply: 1 000 000 000
Softcap: No softcap
Hard cap: 1600 ETH
Accepted Payment: ETH
Price: 125 000 IONC= 1 ETH
IONC Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Maximum investment: 1.6 ETH
Maximum number of participants: thousand (randomly selected)
KYC: Needed
Limited areas: the Singapore United States, China,
Whitelisting Date Schedule: 27.06.2018 - 04.07.2018
Public sale: 07.07.2018 - 14.07.2018 |





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