Brainstorming the blockchain

in iofa •  2 years ago

I'm at a conference called Internet of Agreements. It's in London just across the road from the British Library. I'm in a room full of smart people with radical ideas. @lloyddavis is one of the organisers and I've also met @jedb.


There's a great view from here at the offices of Digital Catapult.


I still need to track down @hexayurt


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Nice and useful post and beautiful photos thank you, upVote and I'm waiting for you upload more

fantastic @steevc, i hope you gain some good knowledge from the conference and then share with us, never the less the outside view is awesome, wish you a great conference ahead.

you caught me stroking my ear! Good to have you here, Steve!


Standing next to Lloyd is a risk! Good to meet you Steve.

Oh, that sounds like a pretty cool day. Did man people attend?


I'd guess around 100. I only did the afternoon, but at least my work allows that

London looks like a beautiful city...glad you were able to hook up with more Steemians in person.

Nice to see you here @steevc in conference alongwith smart peoples. Great achievement. Best of luck my best wishes always for you.great view nice image,. Thanks for sharing,..

Hey Steve, just finishing up my 1st week on Steemit. I dig it so far. A lot of questions were answered by just diving in and watching a bunch of "Steemit" tutorials. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me or how we can work together. 1st payday for me is in about 8 hours:) Looks like you're almost at the top Rank ! Good job !!


Welcome. I'm a long way off the top rank, but I'm having fun. This is just a hobby for me

Sounds interesting! So what did you learn? Was there any lightbulb moments that will change our future and how we see things? Can't wait to hear the outcome! :D


There was lots of talk of new ways to do business. Very smart people there. I just got a flavour of it.

Hello @steevc
It's always awesome meeting fellow steemians out in the real world.
Hope you had a good time there at the conference.
I would love to hear some of those radical ideas shared during the conference.



There was talk of the need for companies (or not)


Oh, I see. Well-done. Hope to see more from you.

Conferences are wonderful especially when you are to meet people you have not met before. I know you will have a good time. Steemit community rocks!

Are there many conferences like this one in London?


All the time. Some of those there had been at another blockchain conference in the morning

good luck

Hi @steevc, Your posts are good. I hope you enjoy your time there. By the way, title of the post is very interesting:

Brainstorming the blockchain

Steem On!

supper bro.....your post is always the best.....