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Numerous nations are tormented with a typical issue called joblessness and this has been around for an extensive stretch of time. In creating nations, these country can’t keep up to the necessities of every one of its residents because of its constrained assets accordingly prompting lack of employments. In created nations, as they turn out to be increasingly indicatively propelled, machines and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence presently trade the occupations implied for people in order to expand efficiency. However, the drawback is this prompts joblessness.

It’s solitary a couple of nations that have the advantage of supporting their nationals with free stipends to help their necessities while they are jobless. Yet, what of alternate nations that don’t or can’t bolster their jobless natives require. How do these residents get the opportunity to help themselves and their lifestyle. This is the place an awesome task was conceived.


Involve :
Involve is a project that was developed with the goal of tackling unemployment, giving the users the ability to earn money for themselves, by presenting them with a wide range of mobile apps that reward them for its usage.


The major reasons why this project was developed :

Mobile Applications market was growing bigger and have a very great profit but the users were left out of the profits.

A very high fee on advertising on the mobile apps due to monopolization.

Developers don’t have support and rely a lot on marketing.

Benefits of the Involve Platform :

The Involve platform has numerous benefits and they affect three categories of people in our community, the general users or the players, the Advertisers and the Developers.

The Users/the Players — this are the common citizens of a nation and it gives them the chance to earn as they utilize the wide range of mobile apps supplied by the involve platform. The users are rewarded for the time spent in the apps in the form of coins mined by a blockchain with the latest consensus algorithm, the Proof of Time.

The Advertisers — The advertising market on mobile apps have been monopolized by 3rd parties such as Tapjoy, Google Admob, InMobi, or the Charboost. With the removal of these 3rd parties, it will lead to the empowerment of now opportunities on the advertisement market as it paves way for small advertisers.

The Developers — its benefits to the developers include enabling new developers grow and survive the monopoly in the mobile app market, saving costs a developer spends I order to promote his mobile app, give them an independence and favors them by letting them have low commissions.

Summary :

INVOLVE platform is first of its kind and they have very skilled professionals that came up with this great idea. They gathered all their ideas and compiled it as a superb project. It creates an ecosystem where users become investors, investors become users and vice versa. This project will be the drug that will cure the plague of unemployment.

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