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RE: Mining STEEM Accounts With The INVITE Token....?

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I want to make a new account. So, I delegate how much SP or SBD or Steem to or what is delegation? Does it mean giving Steem Ninja all rewards that I would earn during a seven day period in order to earn an invite, AKA ability to create a new Steem account?

I am confused about the details.

It seems that there is an ability to create accounts from the wallet.

So, I'm trying to compare and contrast the different methods there might be for creating additional or secondary accounts.

I registered for a second account like some weeks ago and was not approved.

So, I feel like I should look around for other options.


you can. it looks like it’s about 200 sp or so to get one free account a week. sounds like you have a lot of questions about steem itself. have you checked out @steemsavvy ?

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I only have about 200 SP in my wallet or maybe a little bit more but that's about it. I did register for a second account. But, I will check out @steemsavvy and thanks.

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