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I have been trying to write about personal finance and investing and its been such a struggle.I guess the struggle stems from the fact that money is a very sensitive topic so taking time out to write about it can be scary. You know sometime last year I came close to loosing my job, my employers were bankrupt so my health insurance was suspended. I was 6 months pregnant at the time,the events at work got me thinking about the issue of having investments,a safety fund to fall back on in case of any eventuality, lucky for us we had some emergency funds stashed so we were able to meet up hospital bills.

That experience really jerked me from my comfort zone,the reality that I could loose my job and I have an infant on the way really did hit a nerve.

This could be another post lol but job security doesn't exist! Let's just stick to what we are talking about;investment and personal finance

I am not an investment expert far from it, I am just like you looking for solutions out of living from pay cheque to cheque which is a very risky place to be. I am greatful that I wasn't amongst those who were laid off yet I realize that now more than ever I need to be strategic about increasing my income. For some people becoming frugal might be the way they choose to fix up their money goals,for me I would rather have a different approach,find different avenues to increase my income and make money work for me. That way I don't stop living but actually get to experience the very best it has to offer.
Right now my major motivation is my son,do you know how much formula cost? Or diapers let's not even talk about clothing and other drugs. My son bless has a big appetite and God forbid that lack of sufficient funds deny
him of getting food.

In a bid to earn more I have began researching opportunities that are reasonable and tested. I am also dusting certain skills I had put at the back burner before and I am putting systems and structure to engage those skills to provide value and also earn while doing that.

I also decided to share my income report with you all,I want to do this as a way to track my income growth on steemit.I love reading income reports on traditional blogs and its a lot of fun. So here we go:

June:I shared 9 posts in the month of June and earned as follows:
0.067 Steem power
0.047 Steemit
0.013 SBD
I received 8 steemit from Dlive for participating in their fathers day contest.

I paid a 4 steemit membership fee to investors club, I get an uovote whenever I make posts relating to investments.

I also invested 1 Steemit to @steembasicincome and would get a daily return of 0.001 steemit daily

That's about it guys,are you setting money goals on steemit?

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Hope July brings more sweet Steem and SBDs :)

Amen bro,amen. How are you doing?