Has anyone been looking at Silver lately?

My fellow Steemians,

After an increase of almost 40% in a few weeks, silver is still dirt cheap.

After reaching 123.5 on the 19th of March, the gold-to-silver ratio sits at about 96 today.

Higher than before the outbreak of COVID-19 when the gold / silver ratio was already at its highest in 20 years.


But silver is not only cheap compared to the gold price.

Also with regard to equities.

Just like the beginning of this century.


Silver is trading at the cheapest level relative to the broad stock market in 20 years.

And just like 20 years ago, silver is bottoming, as you can see on the graph.

That was the start of a secular bull market for many years.

The gold / silver ratio ended around 50.

Or half of today.

Thank you for reading!



Silver will go Up and Down at the same time, in terms of Fiat and Sound Money...
June 3, 2020... 11.5 Hollywood Time...

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