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RE: New Policies Issued

I was a Unit Manager for Pru Life UK before I transferred to another company. But the essence of life insurance does not change with the change of companies. It is the same - to protect lives and secure the future of one's family. I have full respect and admiration to life insurance agents.


Wow! It's nice to know that I have co-insurance agent here in Steemit. 😀
I salute all insurance agents, too. We have a noble job.
By the way, in what insurance company you now belong? Hope you won't mind me asking.

Hi @shikika. I am now no longer connected with any life insurance company. But my son does life so if I have a client who wants a life coverage, I course it through him. He's with Insular Life.

I am concentrated more now with non-life insurance like fire, motorcar, personal accident, etc. I realized that this branch of insurance is a lot easier to sell and the commissions do not change over the years. So if you can generate a premium business of 3.0 Million a year and you renew everything the commission will be the same unlike in life where the comms decrease after the first year.

I suggest you look into this, if you are not yet into non-life insurance. I think Pru Life discourages their agents in selling non-life as they want them to concentrate in life. However, the new generation agents should be more comprehensive in the sense that they can offer life protection and at the same time offer protection for their clients' assets. Complete package, ika nga.

Good to know that your son is also an insurance agent. 😀 It's great that your clients are his clients, too. 😀

I have friends also that are into non-life insurance.

What you have said are all true. Maganda talaga un complete package. Un insured un tao mismo pati na mga ari-arian. But hindi afford lahat. Kaya ako mas tinututukan ko un mga taong sa tingin nila hindi nila kaya makapagtabi para sa hinaharap. Un kahit akala nila mahirap sila pero kaya nila makapagtabi para sa kinabukasan. Un hindi ko iniisip ang comms. kundi ang hatid na kinabukasan para ky clients. 😀

You are a good agent. Pru Life should be proud and happy that you are one of its agents. And also your clients. Keep up the good work.

Thank you 😀😀😀

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