The steps I took to buy the house of my dreams

in #investment3 years ago

I have an average income so I was unable to buy my dream house at first. Then I became a realtor and my interest turned to investment property.

I had enough cash for a down payment. I was able to put a small down payment on a multi family because I was moving into the property. I bought 2 multi families with only 5% down payment.
When i bought the second multi family a few years later I moved into that one as well.

I sold one of these properties 5 years later for a large profit. With that profit and the income I receive from my other investments property I was able to buy the house I once only dreamed of.

I still live in my dream house today with my family. We have plenty of space and a beautiful swimming pool.

I hope my story inspires you.

Tawnya xo

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