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I feel this will be another one of my most significant articles that I write in regard to expressing the immense opportunity for those invested in Cryptocurrencies.

Life changing transfer of wealth.

Anyone who has studied economics and understands growth, supply and demand, energy of economics and understands the power of the 's' curve in terms of new innovations and technologies will know that the below charts are more than significant.

I have spoken about the 's' curve often in my previous investment posts and it is clear that this specific 's' curve will be the most significant in our recent history and in our life times.


We are dealing with a new worldwide decentralised monetary system that will effect every single person on the planet.

This is not a matter of choice or personal preference, it will become mainstream protocol within the next 10+ years and it will be normalised unlike anything we have experienced.

The only thing I can think of that can compare in its enormity of growth was that of oil, electricity, motor vehicles, computers and the rise of mobile phones and wifi technology.

When this 'S' curve starts to plateau for the 10th time it will dwarf their predecessors and all because it is the base of all consumption, commerce and materialism.

The monetary system will have evolved into a crypto beast.

This chart shows all cryptocurrencies in all their forms including Bitcoin and as you can see we are into the second wave of a series of 's' curves and this next one is going to be big.

Since November 2015 there has been a significant exponential growth in the market capitalisation and when you look at March 2017 it has surged and it is not looking like slowing down.

Bitcoin is the foundation of Cryptocurrencies and it will only grow in stature.

As it grows all alt-coins will also grow with it, if not faster, due to their specific benefits, niche markets, services and technological advancements.

This means you should have your money in both Bitcoin (slow and steady) and Alt-Coins (fast and furious) to best diversify your portfolio and potential for gains.


The below chart expresses the market capitalisation of all 'Alt-Coins' only without their mother, Bitcoin.

As you can see the chart is very similar to the "ALL" coins chart above however for one difference, the exponential and aggressive growth shown in the last three months alone - February/March/April 2017.

This is a great sign for investors and I feel this is the start of a series of very aggressive "s" curves that signifies massive stages of adoption and the big money has started to pump into the market.

It is currently rising at over 1 billion dollars per month and if that is anything to go by we may see something amazing by the end of 2017 for all "early adopters" (see chart below).

The chart below shows the decline in the Bitcoin Market cap overall dominance % as people start to convert and shift their investments from Bitcoin into the alt-coins and the market caps of a series of alt-coins start to chase down Bitcoins market cap of over 20 Billion.

Don't be fooled by this chart as Bitcoins market cap is bigger than ever however it is just not as dominant based on % market share as it was when it was the only coin on the market.

The time to get into cryptocurrencies in NOW!

The key to any investment is research, courage and a keen eye for potential.

I prefer to seek out technologies that are in their early adoption stage.

Buy big and hold and get out when the technology has become mainstream and your instincts tell you to move onto the next thing.

The 's' curve for Cyrptocurrencies will be a multiple faceted event over the next 10 to 20 years as the banking system and numerous institutions run to keep up with the demands and advancements.

Be prepared for the dips as we have seen with Bitcoin.

Be prepared to make huge returns if you are patient and research into the right coins.

The below chart expresses how a technology can have multiple 's' curves, somewhat looking like a double helix of our DNA and and the key is to make decisions that are right for you.

I feel cryptocurrencies as a sector will have 4 or 5 major 'S' curves within the early adoption stages and exponential to all time highs in a very short period of time when the big boys start to play too.

I hope this article presents some clarity of my own excitement and the importance of doing some research into the 's' curve and the opportunity we have with Cryptocurrencies.

We are still in the early stages of something so big we can't even comprehend how far this will go and because it is our monetary system, I feel it will change the lives of all those whom invest intelligently now in 2017.

This is not financial advice.

It is just my perspective.

Have a great day.


P.S - For those interested in precious metals I suggest have look at the silver and gold charts since the start of 2016. It is in a bull run although severely 'manipulated' by the precious metal paper market and it is still rising strongly as are cryptocurrencies. I prefer to hold and stack digital and physical assets including gold and silver. If it is in your hand it is real.


SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.



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Hello, @sebastianjago,

Thank you for this very clear and compelling analysis.

I'm no "market guru," and so I appreciate guys like you who have the experience and analysis skills to recognize these curves. However, it has been clear to me for a long time that "money" will inevitably flow into systems (like bitcoin) that are inherently more aligned with the biblical concept of "honest weights and measures."

The other driving force is the natural desire of humanity to take "money" out of the hands of corrupt governments who intentionally inflate it beyond belief, constantly robbing citizens of its value.

Following you now and looking forward to further good articles. Thanks for encouraging others to move their wealth into this new realm!



P.S. Re-Steemed, and will post elsewhere!

thanks for sharing good information...^^
voted and followed...^_^

Thanks mate. We are all in this together. :)

Thank you. I feel it is very important that everyone realises what is ahead. :) Patience will be paramount and will deliver the greatest result.

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