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A message came in today from the young Ghanaian jedi, @mide:

Can you kindly suggest the best investment I can get involved in that is likely to sustain me as a young man?

As this is a relevant question/answer to many here, I figured it’d be worth expanding upon and sharing here...


The truthful answer: there is none.

One possible answer, which may be closer to truthful than many of the answers others might give: yourself.

Us humans have tended to look to some “authorities” who can provide us such straightforward, simplified answers. Yet we tend to overlook, forget, or be straight-up ignorant of the fact that providing such an answer of what is “best” always entails a far more complex articulation of context - and without such an exploration of the breadth and depth of finer details which would validate an answer, is more often than not a product of cognitive bias.

What is the “best” investment?

A real estate investor would be likely to tell you its real estate. A crypto investor, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Your run-of-the-mill financial investor, a life insurance product. Your bank, a savings account or GIC that pays a measly 2% interest a year. The operator of a Ponzi scheme, his system that will earn you 2% per day. A crack dealer, cocaine to cook up and sell to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. A mutual fund manager, whichever fund he might get the highest commission on. Etc, etc, etc.

See the pattern? Everyone has their own opinions. Just like assholes. That predictably pump out nothing but shit.

The larger context that requires definition for a truthful answer to be arrived at:

What specifically are your objectives, values, preferences?

If we’re taking a trip, there are many different vehicles we could take to a destination.

We could take a train, bus, airplane, cruise ship, taxi, bicycle, skateboard, walk, or drive ourselves. If driving ourselves, we could take a gas-guzzling SUV, Prius, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, or Honda Civic.

None of those vehicles is inherently “better” than another. They each have their own value, serving well in a certain time and place, according to the needs and preferences of their driver and passengers.

Someone might love Lamborghinis. But if one’s needs to get from one side of the world to the other, go on a rough off-road track, or is only going a few blocks in a city that has highly-congested traffic, it’s completely the wrong vehicle.

Likewise, the “best” investment is entirely contextual - depending entirely upon the destination one’s headed towards, the resources they have available to fund the journey, and their needs & preferences for what would make the trip comfortable & enjoyable.

As well... values.

If a person were looking strictly for a financial profit, it could appear that child sex trafficking or selling heroin might fit the bill for the “best” investment. Though hopefully, that’s not an option that would align with most of our values. And while we might not earn as high of a profit, we might find a great deal more satisfaction in investing in a business that provides a valuable service to enrich the quality of life for women & children through education or healthcare. That might not provide a huge return to sustain oneself off of, and might even require the ongoing service of daily work to contribute to its success - yet could also provide a degree of fulfillment and sense of purpose that is its own reward, far more meaningful than money alone.

To rely on anyone else to provide such a straightforward answer to “what is the best investment” is a setup for failure, because without a fully-detailed understanding of your needs, preferences, values, and journey, you’re essentially delegating responsibility to someone who’s most likely going to answer based on their biases - suggesting a vehicle that’s either going to end up costing you more than you can afford, break down as you attempt taking it through the wrong conditions, or cause collateral damage along the path to profit that doesn’t align with who you are and what impact you desire to have through your contributions in this lifetime.


As such, before seeking to make any sort of financial investment, it may be of immense value to first clarify those factors - getting to know yourself.

Do you prefer security within an established system? Perhaps you’d be better off looking at traditional investment vehicles than cryptocurrency. If you’d prefer to invest in a forward-thinking revolution, putting your resources to use in the establishment of innovative technologies and models of governance that may work better to solve some of the world’s larger challenges than the old systems have been able to effectively address, than perhaps crypto/blockchain is the more appropriate route.

Though from there, “which projects to invest in?”

There may be a ton of shitcoins that might have a higher ROI potential if you get in and out at the right time. But are you content simply trying to siphon money from fools for your own profit at high risk, or would you prefer to invest in teams and communities who are building sustainable value and undertaking initiatives serving the long-term betterment of society?

If the latter, you’ve got some homework to do. Because there are alot of great projects up to great work. And which of those is the “best” investment requires you understanding the details, in order to gain clarity on which resonates with your values and vision of the world you’d like to live in.

Thus, we arrive at the answer: the best investment you can make is in yourself.

In your knowledge.

In your skill.

In your experience.

In your relationships.

Many people want shortcuts, to be told what is the ideal asset that’s guaranteed to produce profit. Yet, so long as we rely on anyone else for such answers, there’s a great price to be paid: our sovereignty and self-sufficiency.

There are many assets to invest in financially. Yet what is perhaps the “best” one: ourselves. Our ability to discern what is the best path for ourselves. Our capacity to create value independent of outside conditions.

Only through knowledge, experience, and skill can we ourselves accurately assess the territory through which we must travel on our unique, individualized journey. Only with an adaptability to adjust our focus and response to the changes in front of us - relying on our individual Strategy & Authority - can we expect to make the decisions that are correct for ourselves.

And only through such correct Strategy & Inner Authority guiding us, can we connect with the people through whom the needed knowledge shall flow.

Only once we’re living true to our values, correct in our own vibration, can we be receptive to those on the same wavelength with whom we may connect properly to collaborate with in the creation of a common value-driven vision, purpose, and mission.


Ultimately, any external investment can fail us.

The stock markets and fiat monetary system can crash. So can crypto.

Ultimately, the only investment that can sustain ourselves is ourselves. Only through our capacity to understand the conditions we’re in and how to either transform or adapt to them, is there any hope of remaining secure in our position amidst the constant flux of change.

Unless one has a significantly large amount of capital to begin investing financially with, living solely off investment income is going to be difficult. Especially in a market like crypto, where prices are so volatile. However, the internal capacity to generate and be of value is an asset that never depreciates.

On the contrary, the more knowledge, experience, and skill one gains, the greater our appreciation. (So long as we’re putting it all to proper use, correctly following our unique Strategy & Authority.)

Sorry folks, no shortcuts.

Success is a long-term game.

(And true to the wisdom of Human Design... far more truly important than “success” for the majority, may actually be Peace and/or Satisfaction.)

If anyone is telling you there is a “best” investment, there may be valid reasons for their opinion. Yet, you’d better being doing the homework for yourself to determine what exactly those reasons are. The more detail, the better.

And the more you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to make the decisions that are correct for you when presented with such information...


My first three answers were "a job", "yourself", and "all of them". While not entirely necessary for most jobs, an education is a good thing to invest in. It helps you expand your mind and learn time management and scheduling skills. Fiscally, I have my investments spread across a wide range of places even down to a safe with a tiny bit of cash in my house :P I think diversification is a really great thing.

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