A Synchronistic Opportunity Of The Golden Age∞§∞

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There are a lot of investment opportunities out there, in fact it seems like almost everyone is looking for money.

There are a lot of great ideas out there also, that I am sure we would love to see come to fruition.

Yet the truth is most businesses and even great ideas don’t make it. Look at ICO's for example. So many looking to raise funds, yet most all of them only have a good idea and maybe a good team behind it.

Though even then, it’s going to take years often to see any real useable product/results or returns on the investment.

I just got off the phone with two amazing pioneers for next level existence who are doing a merger.

They both already have working and successful technology, products, companies and a grand vision. One with potential to change the worlds relationship with food and medicine.

These forces combined are built upon sustainability and renewable energy, the most advanced technology for growing food and medicine in closed looped systems which can be implemented just about anywhere in the world!

This will bring access of health and abundance to the world like we have not seen.

In truth it’s more awesome than I can write down here.

They have approval in Canada and USA to grow medicinal plants and in these super sustainable closed loop system. They can even grow environmentally sensitive plants that only grow in specific microclimates. Like plants from China and amazon which make up 85% of all pharmaceutical drugs on earth.

Yet instead of taking this brilliant natural plant medicine and synthesizing it, patenting it and making drugs in a lab they are giving humanity access to the best all natural whole plant medicine!

Not only that, but has a data system which is going to help bring these plants to the forefront of scientific medicine. Sharing all this profound data on how this natural medicine really works. Most of which is currently hidden patents held by private mega corps.

Thus passively bypassing the big pharmaceutical industry and making them almost obsolete.

They do it legally and also have a license to grow Canabis.
They have the highest yields on earth per square foot and $ cost.

On top of that they have legit expansion relationships for this operation. Including more mainstream business operations and contacts. There is also a Blockchain crypto project distributing legalized CBD and thc in the works based out of Utah.

They are doing a merger and going public. The stocks are being sold for .55 and are likely to increase ten fold in less than two years.

They already have capitol investment for the entire project, but because they want to include and work with awakened cutting edge visionaries who are committed to building a sustainable paradise of this world are giving me an exclusive limited time opportunity to buy 1.2 mil of these shares at .33 a share.

So that’s a 60% Proffitt right off the bat. Plus the opportunity to be a part of this truly revolutionary operation likely to change the world drastically for the better.

I can give a lot more details, but basically it’s a revolution in food production and medicine on every level and brings it to the people in sustainable and affordable ways.

This is happening regardless as the funding is already there. They are all ready set go.

I my self don’t have all the 1.2 to take advantage of this so am putting it out there to activate synchronized partnership. If I don't connect with the right person then all those shares will go to the capitol investors already in line.

More importantly than making a lot of $ is this truly revolutionary project and having legit equity and partnership in this operation.

I have about 2 hours worth of data on this not to mention all contracts with guaranteed terms and can connect with the two owners for serious discussion. The investment can be via cryptocurrency or fiat.

This is epic righteousness!

If you or anyone are interested in this let me know as it’s moving very very fast!

We can be a part of the world we want to live!

∞§∞Bless it be∞§∞

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I love how things just seem to "happen" in your vortex, and witnessing the magic that brings powerful realities together. It's so incredible to see things really amping up and opportunities unfolding in ways that will generously and healthfully contribute to the well-being of the world. May the forces be with you to help raise the 1.2 mil and bring natural, abundant, readily available medicines and hope to humanity. Sending mojo for light speed! <3

This sounds really great I hope they bring this innovation to Africa on time because people are dying here. U have an amazing content my dear friend would love to see more post from you. Greetings from @ayahlistic


This will probably spread quite quickly across the world!

As a newbie here at Steemit, and a newbie to entering the stock market through Cannabis-related investments, I'd love to be a part of this, and I thank you for the offer you relayed here. I'm considering Steemit my job now. There are so many opportunities surrounding this platform/blockchain---if that is the right terminology. I'm still--and always learning.

Hlo. I am voting you and follow you also
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