interview with jacob lund fisker, author of Early Retirement Extreme

in investment •  16 days ago

Shawn and I finished the chapter of our book "Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys". This chapter is called "Radically Deviant Financial Strategies". Jacob Lund Fisker, author of "Early Retirement Extreme" looks at the chapter and gives feedback. The chapter leans heavily on Jacob's stuff.

A lot of discussion of retiring in three years. Also the permaculture dream. Escaping the rat race. What to do when you are retired. A fair bit of discussion around "Try 100 things. 2 will work out and you never know in advance which 2."

The difference between residual income streams and passive income streams and investments. And a big list of ideas for passive income streams. And help for people who are struggling to make the shift into their first passive income stream. Including discussion of people that think it is not for them - but it can be. And there is a brief mention of "Mr. Slappy"

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Still super glad you're on steem! While a 3 hour video is a bit much for me right now, I'm going to subscribe to your podcast now and listen always.

Since you're actively on steem and earning, I figured I'd ask if you've seen or heard of Homesteaders Co-op. It's a platform made by @sagescrub for producers of sustainable/permaculture goods to sell their wares in exchange for steem, SBD, and now USD. We'd be super stoked if you'd take a look over there on the website and @homesteaderscoop here on steem. Personally, it's exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to see when I got into crypto, and now it is real. Seeing it combined with permaculture, of all things, makes me even more ecstatic.

An ethical market for sustainable permaculture goods.