Special Gift From Air Asia

in investment •  3 months ago 

Didn't realize until I check on my share trading account and saw that I got the Special Dividend announced by Air Asia 3 months ago. To be honest, I have been a faithful user of Air Asia ever since I started my study in Johor. I always took Air Asia flight from Senai Airport and flew back to Penang which took me an hour and costed me less than RM150. This is far more cheaper and safer than taking bus. I had two experience taking bus from Johor back to Penang which took me 10 hours or so and the other one around 12 hours plus as the bus broke down and I need to wait for the mechanics to fix the bus. The existence of Air Asia did a lot of favor to me as it enables me to meet up and connect with family more often and safer. That is when I started to believe in the brand and keep using its service.


Lately, I also see that there is improvement in terms of its system, including its website, app, online shopping experience, integration with different services (hotel, car rental, activities booking and so on). Then, the group also diversified its business into finance, hotels, lifestyle, ecommerce and so on. It is indeed something exciting to see how the business that I had always supported as user grow and slowly become one of the giant company in Malaysia. In 2019, I finally think of why not I become one of the small shareholder of the company which then makes me a real supporter of the company by putting some stakes into it. Knowing that air business is quite volatile which highly dependant on the country economics, weather, politics and so on. Plus, the oil price could also greatly affect the profitability of the company which then affecting the share price. However, I see the group started to diversify and make itself to become more resilient to all the obvious risks that I mentioned. In recent month, they also announced to invest more on logistic service as well which then makes me think of the potential growth of the company is highly probable. South East Asia is now one of the fastest growing market in the world, if Air Asia could capture parts of the logistic service market share, that could convert into large profitable business. Plus, the growth is not going to stop anytime soon. This will mean there is a sustainable growth going on for the company growth (share too :P).

Personally, I am staking myself into Southeast Asia market as well as I am putting more effort into agritech, foodtech and also architecture. These are all potentially big market that will help the development of the Southeast Asia market and also other parts of the world. The trend is that people are starting to emphasize on food security and labor force is getting more scarce and expensive. One of the biggest contributor is that the population structure has changed in this 21st century whereby we will come to a point of time where there are more elderly than the young. This relates back to how I see the trend would move and the needs is definitely there. Just that how am I going to serve the market and make some impact to the society. That's the biggest question.

First time receiving dividend and also a big one! A memorable moment for me and looking forward for more! Do you best AirAsia.

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