DCI Ecosystem helps Investment Seekers/Businesses to raise funds through a New & Innovative Fundraising Method called STO. Learn How

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Today, most of the innovative tech-driven startups and other small businesses who are unable to register for an official initial public offering (IPO) are looking for alternative fundraising platforms. To register or get listed on traditional fundraising platforms, small businesses and startups have to pass through multiple listing requirements, which they are unable to meet most.

Some of the common issues that are faced by startups and small businesses include poor annual capital or turnover, unavailability of collateral to support their business loan, lack of investor trust, and no prior experience.

DCI- An Asset-Tokenization based Investment Ecosystem Solution for Investment Seekers/Businesses

DCI- An Asset-Tokenization based Investment Ecosystem Solution for Investment Seekers/BusinessesSeeing the unlimited problems faced by investment seekers, DCI has decided to build & come up with the most revolutionary blockchain project of this year that allows investment seekers to reach their fundraising targets by an innovative fundraising method called STO.

Wondering about Security Token Offering (STO)?

A security token, in its simplest form, is a digital representation of a real tradable asset, or typically, it is termed by crypto experts as a unit of value.Security tokens are generally issued during the security token offerings (STOs) by the companies to investors, allowing them to hold a piece of

  • Company shares
  • Equity rights
  • Profit sharing or ownership rights
  • Buyback rights

STO, therefore, has emerged as one of the most reliable and transparent fundraising methods for businesses of late. Security tokens have been developed to increase investor trust in the innovative fintech projects by offering investment protection cushion.

How DCI helps Businesses to Conduct a Complaint STO for Fundraising

Investment Seekers (e.g., small businesses, startups, private & public companies, etc.) can freely register on DCI and tokenize their real-world company assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.).

The investor’s seekers would be allowed to list their tokenized assets on DCI Exchange as security tokens and raise capital from investors in a secure & transparent way.DCI stands apart from other investment platforms as it helps the investment seekers to issue legal security tokens to investors, which in turn increases the investor trust in them.

Security tokens offer an added level of investment protection and trust to investors as they are heavily regulated in most of the countries like the US, Switzerland, Malta, etc.DCI, once it is up & running, will also operate as a regulated ecosystem with a self-governance framework embedded inside it in order to provide a secure and transparent trading environment to everyone, including investors, investment seekers, and third-party software and service providers.

The third-party support/services (accountancy, notary, legal advice, etc.) will also be available for investors seeking businesses to conduct their STO properly by following the necessary rules & regulations in different regions.

To get listed on the DCI Exchange for STO, businesses would have to submit their annual financial data (e.g., balance sheets, profit/loss account, etc.) for complete feasibility analysis. Once the auditing work is done, the business would be able to choose among the third-party legal services to conduct a complaint STO.

Some Unique Benefits of Joining DCI Ecosystem for Investment Seekers/Businesses

  • Free or zero cost Registration for investment seeker businesses
  • Early Joiners will get early access to all premium DCI Investment & STO services
  • No hidden brokerage/commission charges for joining or transacting on DCI
  • Asset tokenization facility
  • Raise funds through STO in a regulated and transparent trading environment
  • AI/robo-advisory, risk rating & human advisor support to conduct STO properly
  • Raise funds for existing company projects/products/solutions.
  • Escrow Account/Custodian facility.

So, all you investment seekers, don’t wait and join the DCI Ecosystem early to stand eligible for claiming maximum benefits.

To unlock more secrets about DCI, please visit the DCI Ecosystem and register on the website: Register Here

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