DCI Ecosystem connects the missing dots by offering a multiple of investment opportunities to the investors, investment seekers and third-party service providers

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Today, investors, especially millennials and high net worth individuals (HNWI) wants to have full control over their investment portfolio by leveraging the full breadth of digital capabilities.   

But, sadly, most of the investors around the globe are unable to attain maximum profits or return on investment due to high commission/brokerage charges that are levied by traditional investment platforms. 

On the flip side, if we talk about investment seekers or fundraising businesses, it is also getting difficult for them to raise capital from investors due to unavailability of collateral to support their loans, poor annual revenue, and decreased investor trust.  

For small businesses and startups, it is even more difficult to raise funds for an innovative product/project/services due to issues like low investor trust and unavailability of suitable alternative fundraising platforms/forum.  

Third-party service and software providers (e.g. AI/robo-advisory, legal support, etc.) in the financial service sphere are looking for new sales channels to grow their businesses, find new clients by delivering their services in a transparent and affordable manner. 

DCI Ecosystem: A Blockchain-driven, Community-centric, and Transparent Investment Ecosystem Solution

Seeing all such problems faced by investors, investment seekers and third-party business, DCI has decided to come with the most revolutionary blockchain project of this year that will connect all the missing dots in the investment industry landscape by offering unlimited investment opportunities.   

DCI ecosystem will be “distributed & decentralized” with a democracy framework embedded into it. This means everything in the ecosystem will be governed by its community members and will also take a major part in the decision making of the ecosystem (e.g. improvement in ecosystem capabilities, service offerings, and further enhancements). 

To be more specific, DCI operates as an open, transparent, decentralized cross-asset investment ecosystem where investors will get an opportunity to create a hybrid portfolio of “traditional & tokenized assets financial instruments” further enhanced by advanced technology services like AI, robo-advisory, risk rating.   

The Ecosystem users will have the option of enable/activate products and services on their profiles with a simple motion. Users will have the opportunities to choose from a wide range of providers and to help them to make an informed decision the ecosystem will provide them with vendor ratings and reviews provided by other users enhancing market transparency where today does not exist. 

The investment seekers, third-party service & software providers on the other end will have opportunities to raise funds & grow their business respectively.   

Here is a detailed list of all the benefits that will be delivered by DCI, once it is up & running to investors, investment seekers and third-party service or software providers: 

Benefits of Joining the DCI Ecosystem for Investors

  • Complete 360-degree view of the private and institutional portfolio 
  • Analytics (A.I), Robo-advisory (A.I), Re-balancing (A.I) and Risk Assessment Rating Services for complete portfolio management. 
  • Cross-Chain Transaction facility – Investors will seamlessly buy/sell anything from anywhere albeit in compliance with local regulatory requirements. 
  • Smart Contract Facility for contract creation and management 
  • Custodian/Escrow Account Services 
  • Legal and Compliance Support Services 
  • Ability to invest globally and be exposed to foreign market (e.g. buy real-estates tokens in foreign countries!) 
  • Fractional ownership of Assets 
  • Opportunity to investment regulated STO 
  • Trade digital securities on the secondary market  
  • Access to Global Investment market 24X7 

Benefits to the investors will increase over time while adding new services and functionalities/capabilities to the DCI Ecosystem

  • DCI Ecosystem offers a completely new, cheaper, easier, faster, more efficient way to raise capital. A turnkey solution. 
  • Access to investors from anywhere in the world (24/7). 
  • Compliance with local laws and automated investors accreditation (e.g. KYC, AML, CFT act) 
  • An efficient, transparent and cost-effective solution for both investors and investment seekers. 
  • Custodian and notary services made easier with the blockchain 
  • Third-party services available to investment Seekers (e.g. Legal, accountancy.) 
  • Management of account directly on DCI Ecosystem 
  • Free or zero cost Registration for investment seeker businesses. No hidden fees. 
  • Early Joiners will get early access to all premium DCI Ecosystem Investment & STO services 
  • Businesses projects, new product development and solutions can now access to funds with Security Tokenization Offering (STO) - Asset tokenization in a regulated and transparent trading environment 
  • Escrow Account/Custodian facility. 
  • Powerful User Interface with analytics dashboard, financials, STO performance, transparent graphical live progress of an STO etc 
  • Regulatory reporting facilities out of the box (e.g. reporting to the investors) 
  • Access to Third party services such as accountants, lawyers, notary etc. 
  • Access to Third party products available on the DCI ecosystem with simple drag and drop motion. 
  • Powerful User Interface to easily manage the security tokenization process 
  • Advance Wallet functionality (e.g. money in/out, payments, invoice, account management, APIs, security tokens recurring smart contract payment etc.)  
  • Access to various paid services such as marketing facilities to promote their businesses within the DCI Ecosystem (e.g. Advertisement with specific target audience and geographical area) 

Benefits of Joining the DCI Ecosystem for Third-party Service Providers/Software Vendors

  • Free or zero cost Registration  
  • Powerful User Interface to manage client analytics, client relationship and accounts. 
  • Promote/advertise products or services directly on the client User interface/Dashboard 
  • Innovative New Sales Channel 
  • Opportunity to engage with client with specific interest that matches the provider targeted audience 
  • Respond to clients reviews and forums to proactively manage their needs and expectations. This will help providers to improve their service and product overtime. 

To unlock more secrets about DCI, please visit the DCI Ecosystem and register on the website: Register Here

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