When this Change Occurs, Watch Out Above!

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 Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,    

      Our Tuesday morning start up shows us Britain’s complete disdain for the precious metals with Gold trading at $1,281.40, down $2.40 and as usual, right there were the low is at $1,281 with the high at $1,284.90 in what can only be called a super tight trading range for the oldest currency in the world. Silver, the money of the masses, is trading at its low at $14.82, down 10.7 cents with the high at $14.955. If it’s all about our Dollar boy are we in trouble with the value pegged at 97.325 up only 5.7 points with its high at 97.345 and the low of 97.135, all of this is done way before 5 am pst and our Comex open.      

      The Emerging market crisis that has fully engulfed a few nations now shows Gold priced under the Venezuelan Bolivar at 12,797.98, losing 6 Bolivar overnight with Silver at 148.015 Bolivar down .399. Argentina’s Peso Crisis now has the Nobel metal at 57,224.13, a gain of some 193.57 A-Peso overnight with Silver now at 661.830, gaining another .84 A-Peso’s from the previous days quote.      

      The May Silver delivery count carries on with the total demands now at 621 waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 34 up on the board so far this morning. Yesterday’s total volume reached 79 inside the 19.5 cent price swing between the high and the low helping to prove the point that everything after the spot month is used to circumvent real price discovery which is now reversed and controlled by the back months instead of the front months dictations. Suppression proof is all in the Open Interest with the totals now at 200,248 Overnighters as 2,054 obligations exited the trade. We believe the day will come when the central bank system will be forced to reduce the amount of paper it uses inside the entire Commodity Sector. Paper should never be allowed to direct the prices, buyers and sellers of the physicals should lead, not follow. When this change occurs … Watch Out Above!    

      What really seems to be standing out these days is the lack of real news about our precious metals. Our group has totally destroyed the main stream media’s precious metals narrative to the point they are openly ignoring what we know to be true. Maybe our approach is changing things up as the Fake Streamed Media gets reduced more and more as CNN becomes the news of the day, with a reduction of over 100 employees as they are claiming “No layoffs.” These WERE voluntary buyouts. Riiiight!! and the precious metals aren’t manipulated either, and Creepy Joe is leading voters vs. Trump.     

      One of the bigger issues we think will rocket precious metals is the credit worthiness of all central banks as their printing presses continue to carry on the devaluations and making more cash chase the same amount of physicals, adding to the idea that paper is leading the price declines when we know it will send all real commodities into the stratosphere with Deutsche Bank being the “Bad Bank” poster child of it all as their debt/credit obligations become everyone else’s problem in the very near future if not already.     

      To add to this mess we call the markets, Britain’s Teresa May, is still demanding prime time as she continues to “Brexit against the populace” she is supposed to represent. Instead of doing what she’s supposed to do, she is following the orders from the Euro leaders, until she is removed, which will happen only after she destroys what the voting public wants. Then we have the China/USA disagreements now on the front burner again. Nothing to see here either, as long as the metals don’t move that is.    

      We have a plethora of reasons to see precious metals spike the price but for now, they only sit in the quagmire of paper. The change will happen, and we will be right here to report it as we see fit. So hang on tight to the real, get more if you can and keep that smile on your face and happy thoughts in the head. And as always …   

Stay Strong! 

Jeremiah J.   

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