The Resolute Longs in Precious Metals Have Not Budged One Inch!

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  Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,    

      Gold is trading higher this morning with the price at $1,407.60, up $7.50 after reaching up to $1,409.90 with the low at $1,395. Silver is still tagging along with its trade at $15.105, up 10.4 cents after reaching $15.12 with its low at $14.985. The US Dollar isn’t doing anything right now with its value stuck at 96.905, up 1.5 points, it too close to its high at 96.925 with a low that needs to be beat at 96.765. Of course, all of this was done while we slept before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.    

      The Venezuelan Bolivar now has Gold priced at 14,058.41 losing 85.89 in Bolivar value with Silver now at 150.861, down an additional 1.598 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold pegged at 58,842.73, it too losing 719.63 A-Pesos with Silver at 631.347, losing 5.932 A-Pesos. The Turkish Lira now has Gold priced at 8,064.10 showing a gain in value of 123.47 T-Lira with Silver at 86.5390 showing a gain of .9451 in value.    

      July Silver’s Delivery requests has been our focus with the overall demands for physical posting 754 (5,000 ounce contracts) obligations as of this morning. This is an increase of 27 more receipts from Friday’s one day attempt at scaring the Resolutes, in our opinion a complete failure, and with a Volume of 10 up on the board so far this morning. The trading range for the physical purchases are in between $15.025 and $14.925 and I do see a short in there trying to offer 60 contracts at 15.045. Since every penny is only an additional $50 for 5,000 ounces, I’d suggest the buyer simply take the entire offer and get in line while they can, but that’s just me. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is now at 221,416 Overnighters. This is an increase of 143 more shorts, proving the Resolute Longs have not budged one inch and have the playing field if they wish to push the point further, which is what we know will happen in time.     

      This has been an extended weekend in which many of us would not bother with watching the news because they don’t report news over any holiday weekend. That is till this one, with Jeffrey Epstein being arrested. He’s a well know pedophile who almost got away with it all because,  once again, they thought “she” would never lose. Now we’ll get to hear about the 15 different phone numbers Epstein had for Bill & Hillary Clinton and all the others who took advantage of children in the most horrible of ways. At the same time, Deutsche Bank decided to fire 18,000 employees and is shrinking their business model after all the court cases (Thank you DOJ). Will these two stories find a middle? We think so since these people are the same ones who have been helping hide not only financial atrocities, but all the others within the Deep State. Let the links be proven in court.     

      We’ve gone thru a period of time in which most thought for sure and for certain the shorts were going to win by using their typical overbearing paper tactics. But these Resolutes Longs, who have taken on the shorts these past few years, are not leaving, nor playing the shorts game. Will the prices start to spike higher soon? We all hope so, because this game, is failing as the currencies go into hyper digitization. Trump has warned us, the ECB, London, Japan, China, all have much lower interest rates, which places an unfair advantage on our system because we have rates that are not negative. This shits going to pop soon and precious metals prices will benefit. So hang on tight to the real, keep the attitude positive no matter what, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson   

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