The Precious Metals Super Sale Continues!!

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    Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,    

      The game we’re in is all about manipulations. These schemers are here to sway our opinion away from the truths called financial facts by using prices to dictate supply and demand instead of the other way around with August Gold down $16.50 at $1,329.60, and ironically at the absolute low at $1,329 with the high at $1,341.70. Silver is leading the decline with its trade at $14.705, it too right at the low at $14.69 we seem to always get when London is about to leave the trade with the high at $15.01 so far today. The US Dollar is benefiting from this pullback with its trade at 96.835, up 34.5 points and close to its high at 96.88 with the low way down at 96.575. All of these beatings happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and before any physicals have traded.      

      The Venezuelan Bolivar’s value has pushed Gold lower in the early morning trade with the Nobel metal at 13,279.38 Bolivar, losing 98.88 with Silver losing 1.848 at 146.866 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold valued at 59,629.48 losing 507.86 A-Pesos with Silver reaching down to 659.450, losing 9.019 Pesos. Turkey’s Lira now has Gold priced at 7,717.97 it too losing 109.92 in Lira value with Silver losing 1.6678 in value with its price at 85.3439 T-Lira.     

      These prices that have been quoted this morning are the futures prices, not the physical demands. Why? Because so far, since the markets have opened last night at 6 pm est, there have been NO PHYSICALS TRADED AT ALL! No June Gold purchases or sales, and the same goes with Silver, but the prices are lower, because the futures is anticipating what? No sales at these prices? LOLOLOLOL.     

      June Delivery for Silver is like I said, the Open Interest is at 4 and there is Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning, so we’ll have to wait for the buyer to step in to see what else they may need. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is also continuing its trek higher as the count continues to climb with the total now at 221,680 Overnighters, proving that paper is controlling the “futures” price and not the demands as 2,300 more shorts are added to control the demand price, and nothing else, and yet, those buyers are still resolute aren’t they?     

      A whole bunch of events have occurred since Friday’s early morning report. A few have really stuck out with one of the big ones being Theresa May formally (and finally?) resigned as Conservative leader on Friday. Ok, we’ll say it here, we hope she left, if she’s anything like Hillary, hints will be hard to grasp and like a brown stain on a pair of blue jeans, hard to get rid of. Then we have our President making a deal “Good For America” by reaching an agreement with Mexico to the chagrins of “Mad-Maxine” and “Nervous Nancy” as they cluck and cluck and still can’t feather the fact(s) that they no longer have any idea how to compete against a business man running the country as if it was a business. These two are literally out of their league but so are the rest of the deep state actors who have never worked in the private sector.    

      So Mexico’s Wild-card (Silver) is put back into to deck as the dealer shuffles the cards for another round of poker as we wait for more buyers to come in and clean out the warehouses as The Precious Metals Super Sale Continues! After all, we know of 4 countries whose currencies are in tatters that now have much cheaper prices in precious metals to go after as we wait, with our hands full of precious metals, and a positive attitude in our head. With all this in our possession, it only helps us to …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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