Silver’s December Call Options Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb!

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   Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,    

      Even though there is every reason in the world to see the precious metals skyrocket this morning we are seeing it once again being held back with Gold now at $1,504.70 down $8.20 with the London low at $1,502.80 with the start pretty much being the high at $1,518.80. Silver is down but not like Gold with its trade at $17.515 down 11 cents after dropping to $17.435 during the London trade with its high at $17.70, its starting price as well. The US Dollar, which seems to be in the hands of the international print controllers, is still being supported with the trade at 98.55, up 6.2 points after reaching up to 98.68 with the low at 98.43. All of this was done starting Sunday Night at 3pm pst, before 5 am, the Comex Open, and the London close.    

      In Venezuela, Gold is now trading at 15,028.19 Bolivar showing a drop of 94.88 from Friday mornings write up with Silver at 174.931 Bolivar losing 1.199 over the weekend. In Argentina, Gold is now valued at 86,788.89 Pesos showing a reduction of 526.44 Pesos with Silver at 1,010.20 Pesos dropping 6.78 in Peso value. Over in Turkey, the Lira now has Gold valued at 8,640.52 giving the noble metal a 16.02 T-Lira gain with Silver at 100.573 Lira showing a slight gain of 0.127 in T-Lira value.    

      October Silver Deliveries continue with the demand count now at 365 fully paid for (5,000 ounces) contracts and with a Volume of 1 up on the board so far this morning with the buy price at $17.45. The Demand Count was reduced by 85 contracts that either received their receipts here or in London on the last trading day before the Chinese Golden Week ends. Silver’s Overall Open Interest, the game we’ve been focusing on for the past 3+ years now, has a total count of 211,678 Overnighters proving another 1,477 Obligations have left the field of play as we slowly see the game players reduce their risks.      

      One of our observations over the years has been the Open Interest Totals in the COMEX Silver Calls. This is something we’ve watched with great interest because everyone else seems to think options are not worth the effort to observe or trade. In fact, ever since early 2016, we observed the December 2019 Call Options Totals being the highest in all counts and still to this very day, no other Options Tally has even come close to the totals in December 2019. Even when we go out to December 2022, there is no other Options Tally that even comes close to the now totaled 88,393 found in December 2019. This has to be part of a plan! Why else would someone spend 10’s of millions of Dollars (if not up to 100 million) to buy time value during the same time the Open Interest in Comex Silver escalated up to 244,000+/-.     

      In the November Options Count, we show a gain of 1,154 more purchases bringing its total to 18,522 with gains under the $18 strike being 1,325 bringing the totals ($18 and under) to 5,059 in owned Calls. These numbers seem backwards until one understands that some traders have cleared the higher strike price purchases because time is running out. At the same time, someone is stepping up their purchases of very close “to the money” options and with ONLY 21 days of trade left. In our opinion, that’s a lot money to risk unless there is a plan already set.     

      The December 2019 Call Options in Silver, as mentioned earlier, is now totaling 88,393 purchased Calls showing it too increased 731 over this past week with 917 more Calls purchased at $18 and below. Once again, the numbers seem backwards unless one realizes some of the higher strike Calls were sold off.  Jan, Feb, March, and April 2020 Calls are increasing but no where near the tallies we have for November and December 2019. I added up all the Call Options as far out as possible and have only come up with 46,879 owned Calls going out to 2022.     

      So, what is it with all these preplanned purchases in Silver Call Options for the last quarter of 2019? All these purchased Calls stand out like a sore thumb on a pretty lady’s hand. We have a major bank being labeled a Criminal Element 3 years after Silver’s Open Interest reached new life of contract highs in the Comex, along with these purchased Calls. We also have Deutsche Bank, which is bankrupt but apparently, we have to wait for main stream media to say it before anyone believes it (what a joke). Then we also have Hong Kong and HSBC caught in the mix. Then we have a whistleblowers inside the ECB.    

      We’ll sit right here, with our precious metals in hand while the world wobbles thru all the print. Enjoy your day, keep a positive attitude in the head and a smile on your face no matter what, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson   

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