Silver is on Sale and the Resolutes know it!

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  Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,    

      Sales abound in the paper contracts of the precious metals arena with Gold’s “On Sale” price now at $1,458.50 down $7.90 and close to the low at $1,457.00 with the high at $1,473.90. Silver seems to be getting the worst of it with its trade at $16.755, down 25.5 cents after hitting $16.66 with the high to beat at $17.095. Even all the madness of the political crowds can’t budge the US Dollar from its lofty heights with the trade at 98.155, up 16.6 points, it too close to the ridiculous, I mean, its high at 98.17 with the low at 97.945. All this paper being thrown around way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.     

      The holders of precious metals may not be happy with the price drops, but the buyers are thinking just the opposite with Venezuela’s Bolivar now pricing Gold’s value at 14,566.77, dropping 265.67 Bolivar overnight with Silver now trading at 167.34 losing 7.69 Bolivar. In Argentina Gold is now valued at 86,920.16 dropping 1,685 Pesos with Silver at 998.52 Peso’s dropping 47.05 overnight. In Turkey, Gold is now priced at 8,397.24 losing 134.81 T-Liras with Silver now priced at 96.46 T-Lira, a loss of 4.20.    

      November Silver Deliveries proved Comex had the receipts to deliver 215,000 ounces of Silver (43 fully paid for contracts) yesterday, leaving the Open Interest at 3 and with zero Volume and no trading range so far today. We await our Resolute Silver buyer. The more the Resolutes buy the cheaper the Comex prices, Heads he Wins Tails he Wins - Eventually! Remember this is a game against the biggest criminal element in history, it’s not supposed to be easy.    

      If you are thinking the prices are based on supply and demand of physical, think again. If that was true, the Open Interest in Silver would be collapsing the whole time the prices have dropped this week, but that’s not the case what so ever! Silver’s Overall Open Interest gained during yesterday’s attempt to scare out the Resolutes with the count right now at 229,253 Overnighters proving 2,982 more contracts had to be added in-in order to control the price and nothing more. Silver is on Sale and the Resolutes know it!     

      In other news, so much has happened inside media this week. Veritas Video has literally turned upside down the media’s control table. Then DJT Jr. did unto the “View” as they do unto anyone opposing their handlers opinions, like it wasn’t “Rape – Rape” in defending Rapist Polanski. For some reason, they got “triggered”. Want to see it? Here it is! I bet it will be the “Most Watched View” ever! Media is protecting it’s deeply rooted pedophilia ring and it’s tied directly to not only their management, but their owners as well, on yeah “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”. Btw this meme is everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! Look under this beer can for instance.      

      I do not think this price dip is going to last much longer. Based on everything that has happened this past week, a V bottom could be finalized soon enough. Regardless, the paper game is blowing up right now and at a time when most are watching the media and political meltdowns in real time. These meltdowns are not only USA based, but everywhere. So hang on tight to the real, keep all precious metals out of all third party hands, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in your head, no matter what, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  


For some odd reason I like to see PM prices denominated in Inflationary currencies, Venezuelan Bolivares? ....Sure! Its Its all perspective. I do like Bolivares but in silver.