Realizing how great it is to be here now!

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 Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,   

      Gold is trading higher, at least while I’m writing with the latest price at $1,303.70, up a dollar in between a high of $1,306 and the low at $1,298. Silver is barely up as well with its trade at $15.34, adding 1.6 cents to Friday’s close and close to the high at $15.36 than the tested low at $15.22. The Currency Rollover is today, part of the Triple Witch accounting swap out we've been following for decades, with the US Dollar trading 20 points lower at 96.39, which is the low so far, with the high at 96.54. All this of course was done some time before 5 am pst and the Comex Open. In Venezuela, where debt is considered far more valuable than physical anything (that is until last year’s little flip) is showing Gold’s price at 13,020.70 proving a minor gain of 4.99 Bolivar, with Silvers price now at 153.208 losing .20 of a Bolivar as we hear but cannot trust anything from the news services about real news there.      

      March Silver’s Delivery Demands are showing an undelivered count at 75 requests for physical with zero Volume up on the board so far this morning. We doubt this number is correct since it was Friday’s open count and since we've gone thru this each Monday, we’ll wait for the Comex members to catch up with our requests, after all, we are the many against 1 or 2 Algos, too bad we can’t vote on this stuff, eh? Silver’s Overall Open Interest did drop a little on Friday before they stopped counting with the totals so far at 186,863 positions still in trade proving a loss of only 308 Overnighters as the count continues to fall in ever so slow a fashion all the while the international politicos are climaxing their dramas on how important it is for them to retain all their ill-gotten power over their voting populations.    

      A story totally ignored last Friday, because of the mass shootings in New Zealand, with people now getting arrested in that country for having the video, is about our neighbor’s murder rate in a city just across our border in Mexico in which a Study Lists Tijuana as World Murder Capital in 2018. We’re still waiting for California’s Nancy to tell us why she cannot talk about that Christmas night killing of a cop from an illegal who came across the border so many times in the past, and she still wants open borders? Nuts!    

      Brexit was the “big thing” last week and now it’s nowhere in the news as France now takes over the reins of front page fake news as Macron vacations all the while the French public riot. All that seems to be missing here is a little fiddle playing while arguably Rome burns again. During Nero’s time, all of Rome was pretty much the same territory as the EU, so it could be said we are repeating history once again, because we haven’t learned our economic lessons yet, socialism gives to those that do nothing as they take from those that do something, Au Contraire! dites les gilets jaunes.

               Did you listen to Jim, Bill, Dave, and now Denny’s, audio report over the weekend? I did, in fact I do every weekend, and I have to tell you how amazing a time we are in even though we’re going thru a massive global financial change of epic proportions. Jim Sinclair is such rare individual, I have to say we are truly in amazing times that we have the chance to obtain what Jim has learned over the decades. Not only is he the son of Bert Seligman one of the greatest traders EVER, he was a market maker, stock broker, and commodity broker-trader, and all at the same time! How many multi-licensed broker/traders do you know of out there giving us the skinny on what is going on in the international field of fiat? Then we have Bill Holter, a former branch manager of a stock trading firm, with zero marks on his records. ZERO!!! In over two decades of managing other brokers.        

      That is another “rare” in the world of investing, in fact try finding licensed brokers anywhere without a mark and you will see that, You and I are the luckiest people in the world and in our time, because of their understandings on how the markets work is far deeper than even those that control the Federal Reserve, who can only school but have never traded, and they are controlling what? Fiat creation, and in time, proving hyperinflation is only caused by one side of the ledger, destroying the other side, and it’s all controlled by the Federal Reserve.        

      We are the lucky ones, we just may not know it because we are dealing with a group of criminals who have circumvented media truths with lies, and have taken over the political arenas of many nations all at once. What better place is there, when the world is awash in debt while Silver and Gold are obviously manipulated? Realizing how great it is to be here now, is truly rare and precise, how about ordained? Regardless, we remain positive because we have knowledge from people who understand the game we are in, and they are willing to tell us, if we only sit to listen. We do, and that is why we remain vigilant, as we wait for the inevitable washout of fiat. Have a great day, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in the head, and as always …  

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

PS. my apologizes for real Star Wars fans ... Millennium Falcon is not for Millennials, my bad


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