Is Today The Right Side of a V Bottom in Silver?

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  Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,     

      Gold has turned positive even with all that newly added “Never Ever Been Seen Before Life of Contract High in Comex Paper Open Interest” with the trade at $1,486.30, up $2.60 after the punch in the price gut low at $1,483.80 with the high at $1,490.30. Silver is simply not allowed to respond in kind as we observe the continual shorting without product as the paper game is allowed to overrule price discovery, until it can’t any longer, with its trade at $17.450, down 11.8 cents after being dipped to $17.36 with a high at $17.62. The US Dollar, really a basket of currencies set to trade against the precious metals, is down 18 points as well with the value at 97.625 and right beside the low of 97.61 with a high only 16 points from the low at 97.77. All of this activity happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.      

      Maybe observing the emerging markets currencies can prove how little the metals move under the US Dollar with all other currencies supporting the Dollar’s control (for now) with Gold, under the Venezuelan Bolivar now trading at 14,844.42, proving a 154.81 Bolivar drop in value of the first currency, as the government supports its fiat, with Silver now at 174.282 knocking off a hefty 50.94 in Bolivar value. In Argentina, the first currency’s price now stands at 88,664.54 showing a drop of 92.55 Peso’s with Silver at 1,040.96 Peso’s losing 30.38 A-Peso’s overnight. In Turkey, the Lira now has Gold pegged at 8,559.02 showing a loss of 67.12 T-Lira with Silver losing 2.707 with its price at 100.455 T-Lira.      

      November Silver’s Delivery demands now stand at 15 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 7 up on the board with a trading range between $17.525 and $17.370 so far, proving a reduction of 7 which ironically was added on Monday with the exchange explainers telling us that “somebody did something” to Silver’s Deliveries on Monday but they can’t tell us a price or anything else about the trade. Hello Mr DOJ man, we think there is far more criminal element to look at here, not only in the entire Open Interest spectrum, but the options and deliveries as well.     

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest remains elevated but did lose 2,090 Overnighters during yesterday’s game of paper with the total count right now at 227,532 Obligations. We’re waiting to see how fast things turn now that the papers added their shorts, yet got very few Silver buyers to exit their long positions as the market tries to absorb not only all this paper, but the idea that politics everywhere on the planet is on the verge of change, as well as the bankers issues everywhere with the rumor Deutsche Bank can’t find a buyer willing to take on all that illegal activity they’ve been trying to hide for so long, and the Brexit which won’t exit because the little peoples votes don’t matter to a politician. Plus, we have Mr. DOJ’s criminal element RICO investigation. Could today be the right side of a very nice “V” Bottom in Silver? Let us pray it is so.    

      Yesterday Veritas Videos came out with another stunner. If you think their investigations don’t matter, stay right where you are, the turnup truck is coming, because ABC has been exposed proving the news service was hiding the Epstein Pedo Island Story, and their investigations are proving a few more things in the overall Veritas show. First CNN did everything in their power to keep their story from posting in their CNN search engines, and that’s still being done today as well, No Veritas Video Truth Bombs allowed Period! In this series, we were able to see that there were far more than 1 person willing to wear a camera, now we have ABC. Who else is being investigated from the inside? All of them? As far as the Video release yesterday, I can’t help but think Veritas HAS that “kept from public view” Robach story. Will it come out after all the lawyer-ease wording gets disseminated? Gotta get me some more popcorn, cause I’m loving the show! Also of note is CNN’s search engine is not even posting ABC’s story …. Hmmm, can anyone say collusion in media?    

      Regardless of the price that is painted on the board in a game that is obviously heading towards sharply higher prices, we hope you see and understand the game that is played and what it means to your future, as the value of currencies fail us all, unless that currency is the first currency of all mankind, Silver and Gold! Hold on tight to your physicals, keep them away from any and all third parties, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in the head no matter what and as always, you too will …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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