If you can’t take a joke, don’t go to Britain!

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  What a way to start a Friday Folks!    

      The Good Morning report starts off with Gold trading higher after a day of forced shorts sending the noble metal sharply lower, only to see enough buying coming in sending Au to a high of $1,299.10 with the trade right now at $1,295.70, up $2.40 with a low at $1,294.30. Silver is leading the charge this morning after yesterday’s morality beating with the trade now at $14.97, up 10.3 cents with the high at $15.035 and a low at $14.90. The US Dollar has lost all of yesterday’s support with the trade now at 96.495, down 31.9 points just above the low of 96.425 with the high at 96.815. All this was done before 5 am pst and the Comex open. The emerging markets Venezuelan Currency now has Gold priced at 12,940.80 Bolivar showing an additional loss of 87.89 from yesterday’s beatings with Silver now at 149.513, a loss of .699 Bolivar.      

      April Silver’s Delivery demands sure got settled out during yesterday’s trade with the request count now at 1 contract waiting for physical proving a drop of 15 obligations and with Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning. With this kind of buying activity going on inside the delivery system one would suspect the short traders to lighten up the risk a bit but noooo! Instead, they added an additional 7,384 more short contracts to control (stay) the prices as we see the game reach its pinnacle as the total Open Interest in Silver is now at 220,355 Overnighters, yet Silver is now trading higher against the shorts …. Hmmm, with all this short pressure being applied keeping the prices (only) steady, one has to wonder how deep the pockets are of the buyers who are taking on the short trade at these cheap ass prices and at least 13 days away from the May Precious Metals Options Expirations.    

      Our eyes are on Britain this weekend with the supposed enforcers of western market law gathering at the “U.S., European Banking Union, and UK Officials Meet for Planned Coordination Exercise on Cross-Border Resolution Planning”. Such a fluffy name for a group that has already allowed the major banks to collude with one another till one got caught and ratted out the rest. We’re hoping some actual law enforcement may be finally applied, but these are political appointees, so we have to wait to see what they “don’t” do for now. Regardless of this gathering, the precious metals are bound to go higher because of all the international printing going on as it seems everyone has turned negative on economic growth.    

      Speaking of printing, China stepped up to the print plate and infused the markets with some needed liquidity as this article states “the PBOC reported new yuan loans of 1.69 trillion, far above 1.25 trillion estimate, while total aggregate financing in March soared higher 2.86t yuan, the highest March increase on record; smashing the 1.85t yuan estimate, and more than four times the February 703BN yuan increase.”    

       “If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t come to London right now because there is political farce everywhere. The British people ain’t too happy about their politicians, even their jokes are painful, but they are keeping a stiff upper lip about it all, as we applaud their no violence frustrations. Speaking of jokes, Julian Assange’s arrests occurred with very few reporters there to video tape it. The rumor of his arrest was out the day before yet we see only 3 possible reporters there at the moment he was pulled out. If this was a Deep State arrest, we would have seen a Roger Stone type of media event. You know, middle of the night or real early in the morning breaking down of doors, helicopters, 10 to 20 armed police and of course the media directors; “lights, camera, action!”     

      We’re also seeing something else that is different about this arrest in that Julian is smiling and giving a thumbs up after he is in the van. Did Julian get a note from one of the officers in the van that said “Q sent me”? Q has only placed a few posts this week, as all we can do is hold on to what is real while all this fake gets disseminated. It sure feels stressful out there in the lands of investments, but that steady hold we have on physicals is real comforting right now. We hope you have that same feeling as we do, holding on to our physical assets while change is everywhere. Have a great weekend, keep that attitude positive no matter what, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson   

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