Did 1,140,000 Ounces of Silver really leave the Comex?

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   Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,    

      Gold is lower to start off the early morning report with the trade at $1,512.80, off $2 after reaching up to $1,517.20 with the low close by at $1,511.00. Silver is leading the trade at $18.125, up 5.8 cents with the high at $18.160 and the low at $18.035 so far this morning. Our US Dollar, the reason why Silver and Gold are kept under control, is trading at 97.060, down 9.4 points and falling from its high at 97.17 with the low close by at 96.970. All of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.    

      Today’s early morning emerging markets currency watch shows all positives again!  Venezuela’s Bolivar is now pricing Gold at 15,109.09 proving a gain of 44.94 Bolivar overnight with Silver at 181.023 Bolivar giving those that hold a 0.898 gain. In Argentina, the price of Gold now rests at 90,099.60 Pesos giving the holders a gain of 168.23 with Silver trading at 1,079.69 giving those holders a 4.36 A-Peso overnight gain. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 8,660.02 Lira giving the precious metal holder a 30.73 T-Lira gain with Silver gaining 0.612 T-Liras with the overnight now priced at 103.801.     

      Yesterday we had one hell of a parlor trick done inside Comex’s November Silver Delivery System when we had a Delivery Count at 304 with a posted Volume of 1 and with no trading price. Later, after our early morning report, the Volume jumped to 79 with no trading range to offer. Now, the Open Interest in November deliveries is at 76, proving a drop of 228 and no price offered. This OI reduction is 3 times the amount of the Volume, exactly. Regardless of the bad math we have to work with, that was one hell of a delivery as 1,140,000 ounces got removed somehow on the last day of October.     

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest is the key to the price control with the total count now at 224,979 Overnighters, proving an additional 2,297 more short trades had to be added in order to offer a much cheaper price for any buyer out there who wants physicals. Our theory of more paper equals cheaper prices till there is no more product to sell is still working for our Resolute Buyer, I wonder how it’s working for the centrals that need more printed cash in order to keep telling everyone in precious metals how wrong they are, to keep holding on to not only the physicals but the companies that refine and extract?     

      Yesterday, the anticipated mistake the Dems decided to move forward on was played out. Most Americans understand that the processes are being manipulated in order to support the removal of the electoral college and the voting system we’ve had in place ever since day one of our nation. These Deep Staters Hate the American Voter, something they need to fully remove! I wonder what most of the population thinks about the Former CIA Directors statement ‘Thank God for the Deep State’ for its role in the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. It must be really embarrassing for them to see a NON-Politician come in a do everything they don’t like but the people want, such as Peace in the Korea’s, and now Turkey! What about President Trump’s Dog Meme? The Dog’s name was never released, so let me put this out there; Is this Dogs name Nancy or Adam by chance? We’ll see if anyone else wants to talk to Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff, after their unscheduled trip to the sand box just before “Somebody Did Something”, and just before a Boom occurred. Blowing up child rapists is one of my new favorite things, maybe we’ll see more child rapists treated this way, as I feel there is no place on this planet for any adult that supports this in any way.   

       The secret Russian Plot called “Let Them Speak” is working so well, I’d strongly suggest they keep it up. All “Team Trump” has to do is keep releasing the documents and transcripts that prove the Deep Staters are lying at every turn. So “Let Them Speak” and let the FOIA releases happen like they have been these past 3 years as we wait, with our physical precious metals in hand, a few positions of risk, a smile on our face, and a positive attitude no matter what, as we enter the first weekend of November.   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson