Comex opens, now it’s time to go back to sleep …

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     Good Tuesday Morning Folks,    

      Gold is up again and hopefully it will stay that way when the Comex opens and we all go back to sleep (immediately after it opens) with the trade now at $1,308.50 (April) right beside the high of $1,308.80 with the low at $1,302.10. Silver is following with the May contract pegged at $15.41, up 8.8 cents and right beside its high at $15.42 with the low at $15.32. The Rollover in the currencies is complete with the June US Dollar trade now at 95.785, down 19.8 points and close to the low at 95.73 with the high at 95.975, of course all this was done way before the Comex Open and a hair past 5 am pst. At least in Venezuela, the currency prices remain steady (cough) with Gold’s price now at 13,068.64 Bolivar gaining 47.94 overnight with Silver pegged at 153.907, gaining only .699 Bolivar in value as we wait for the emerging currency markets volatility to infect the calm in the majors.    

      March Silver’s Deliveries are now showing a reduced count at 65 demands for physical with zero Volume up on the board so far this morning proving a 10 count drop being delivered/settled/cleared somewhere between COMEX and the City and as we near the Brexit and Basel III date (3-29-19) that was set up a long time ago. Silver’s Overall Open Interest gained a bit more during yesterday’s nap time trading period at the Comex showing a gain of 481 Obligations making the count 187,344 Overnighters as of this morning’s report.     

      Christopher Steele's Former MI6 Boss Calls (the) Dossier "Overrated". It’s so nice of him to admit this after 2 ½ years of not saying anything but allowing the Clinton Machine to work it’s behind the scenes magic all the while Britain continues to be looked at with (5) suspicious eyes as Q started posting pictures of the American perpetrators, and supporters, of the British lie as we start to see more of what Q has been eluding to over these past few years. It is quite possible that the Media and Academia “Sex for Money Programs” are illegal, but not only that, there seems to be some Q Anons that have plenty of time and are now searching the accused children to see what they posted, when they posted, and where they posted, and this idea is exposing a lot more than the accused want seen, like the term Yachting and how it was used in certain tweets.    

      Canada seems to be losing more and more supporters of the eyebrow with Michael Wernick, clerk of the privy council, the highest-ranking position in Canada’s civil service and a key aide to Justin Trudeau, announced his retirement Monday as it seems our neighbors socialist ideas have ignored the law abiding citizens and they don’t like it either, go figure.     

      Germany backpedals on its NATO spending promise as France goes full throttle, apparently France needs an army to control their tax payer’s revolt since they (French Gov) recently made the Yellow Vests illegal to wear but only after the “vest” became a stronger force than the government that made the Yellow Vest a legal requirement. Europe is in tatters, so is their currency and the governments inside the broken currency.    

      We remain constant in our beliefs, that Silver and Gold will once again, save people from the collapse of governments and currencies. We also have the faith of JOB in our convictions. Each and every day JOB looked at both pros and cons of the events surrounding his life and the game he was in the middle of and not of his choosing’s. He stood fast and did not waver one bit, although he had doubts of the outcome while he was tested.    

       So keep your convictions constant, we are seeing the changes we've been talking about. We are in the battle of mathematical integrity right now and the fake common core logic is no more. So keep your metals close, stay the JOB attitude with a positive mind and heart, and you too, will ...   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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