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  Good Friday Morning Folks!    

      The manipulated price of Gold is now trading at $1,291.50, down $2.80 with the low right here at $1,285.90 and the high to beat at $1,297.80. The manipulated price in Silver is now at $15.085, up 1/10th of a penny with the low right here at $15.065 with its high at $15.175. The US Dollar is also as flat as the precious metals with its trade at 96.92, down ½ of a 100th doing the exact opposite of the real money sector and is closer to the high at 96.94 than the low at 96.81. All this of course was done way before 5 am pst and before the Comex Open. Venezuela’s currency situation now has Gold priced at 12,898.86 Bolivar losing 23.97 overnight with Silver pegged at 150.661 Bolivar gaining .749. After yesterday’s EXPLOSIVE Ted Butler article and the facts he presented, it is our opinion these price swings in the emerging market currencies, are about to happen in the primary currencies (imo) because of the CFTC’s past hidden transgressions against the price of Silver and Gold.       

      April Silver’s Delivery demands remain unchanged from yesterday’s count leaving 77 contracts with Zero Volume up on the board since Wednesday’s close to now. All the proof in the world regarding the precious metals manipulations is right behind the pricing mechanism that utilizes massive short positions to manipulate the price with the Overall Count in Silver adding another 3,469 obligations in order to stay the price illegally (that is unless the CFTC ordains the trade) bringing the total count to 205,046 Overnighters with the largest portion of these shorts being JP Morgan (Must read Ted Butler’s latest).   

      The team of people who have sacrificed everything in order to bring the truth out to the general public is being fully vindicated now because a Deep State Insider, by the name of Bart Chilton, who worked for the governing body called the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who has finally come out and exposed some of their the frauds. It is our opinion that Mr. Chilton should NOW receive full protection against those that kill off exposers of truth like Seth Rich was, as we recall the failed assassination attempts done to Mr and Mrs. Jim Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maguire, and Bill Murphy (beaten up on the way home). These Real American Heroes have been sent thru the ringer because all they ever did was tell the truth. Patriots!!

      Jim Sinclair, Max Keiser, as well as a whole host of others, told their followers to take delivery of precious metals around the same time period as these events being brought out by Bart Chilton occurred, draining the reserves that used to stay the prices. Was the manipulated trade about to explode the price back then? It sure looks like that was exactly what would have occurred had the CFTC actually did its job to protect investors instead of caving in, in order to keep the system going the wrong way as it is now. The problem the CFTC has now, is to explain why they only protected the richest investors against the masses and not vice versa?     

      Former Attorney General Eric “No Balls” Holder also was afraid to do anything against his masters as he stated in this 2014 article after the fact “… In defending his record, earlier this year, … “Now, sometimes a company’s conduct may be wrong, may be hard to defend, but not necessarily be violative of the criminal law,” he said. “Or sometimes there may be an appearance of criminal wrongdoing that cannot be supported by evidence that would be admitted in a court of law.” Holder’s defenders frequently point to a 2009 case involving two bankers from Bear Stearns who ran a hedge fund that collapsed after investing heavily in subprime securities. It was the one instance in which the Justice Department put well-to-do Wall Street figures in the dock. A jury largely made up of working-class Brooklynitesfound them not guilty. Admitted into a court of law, hmmm… remembering Bear Stearns and Fast and Furious and wondering whose court of law he was talking about?     

      Now we move forward, totally vindicated by a Deep State Insider, who is willing to be a Patriot of Truth, who should have full protection by our law enforcement and be allowed to fully expose what happened during the crisis in precious metals under Obama. Hopefully Judicial Watch will partake in some FOIA requests over Eric Holder’s “behind the scenes antics” as we all await more information regarding precious metals manipulations going thru the courts right now. Is it time for another run of deliveries at the COMEX? Stay Tooned! Have a great weekend, hold on to your precious metals and accumulate more if you can. Also make absolutely sure you DO EXACTLY WHAT BILL HOLTER AND JIM SINCLAIR HAS SAID, secure your trades in your name, or lose them because the system is about to get some clarity.    

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson    

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