A Second Day Price Rise In Silver And Gold, Plus Another Nuthingburger!

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   Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,    

      This is the second day in a row where we see Gold trading higher than the previous day with the price at $1,492.10, up $3.10 after reaching up to $1,494.10 with the low at $1,480.50. Silver is tagging along today with the trade at $17.345, up 4.8 cents and closer to the high of $17.395 than the low at $17.240. The US Dollar is also under support (for different reasons) with its value pegged at 98.865 up 8.8 points after stretching up to 99.08 with the low close by at 98.740. All of this was done, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.     

      We have nothing but solid gains in our emerging markets overnight currency watch with Gold trading at 14,902.35 Bolivar in Venezuela showing a healthy gain of 181.77 in Bolivar value with Silver at 173.233 Bolivar showing a gain of 1.847 over the past 24 hours. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold priced at 86,128.98, gaining 1,250.94 Pesos with Silver gaining 11.873 in Peso value with the price at 999.997 Pesos. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 8,545.66 showing a gain of 162.72 in the overnight with Silver gaining 1.7339 Lira with the value pegged at 99.3391 Liras.     

      Silver Deliveries for the month of October really took a hit in count with the demands for physical now at 545 fully paid for contracts involving 5,000 ounces each proving a drop of 519 Obligations that where either delivered here or in London since yesterday’s early morning count. This morning’s trading range is in between $17.285 and $17.155 so far and with a Volume of 6 up on the board with the highest price being the last trade. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is continuing to drop in count as well. If the option numbers are any indication that an exit plan has been arranged a few years ago, we will see a slow and continuing drop in count from this point forward with the total Open Interest tally now at 212,299 Overnighters, proving a reduction of 1,068 from yesterday’s early morning count.     

      Things keep piling up for the banks, raids have occurred and court cases are being talked about everywhere. We may also have another comedy show that includes another failed attempt by the “Schiffer” and the “Fusion GPS (we’ll pay anyone for anything against Trump) Team” with Adam’s middleman neighbor and musician “Moby” setting up another failure in facts, maybe. See the stepson of the suicided Deutsche Banker, Bill Broeksmit, is trying to sell stuff he has no clue what’s inside, including a cache of data behind password protection. Once the password codes get cracked, there may be far more “uncomfortable” to come, because in 2014 when the banker left the planet, Trump was not a target, but the banks where. Here are the last 2 paragraphs from the article.     

      According to the report, "After the three-hour session, Mr. Broeksmit still needed some stroking, and the F.B.I. agents obliged. They told Mr. Broeksmit he could have a special advisory title. They promised to keep him in the loop as their investigation proceeded. They let him tell the world — via this article — that he was a cooperating witness in a federal criminal investigation. They even helped procure a visa for his French girlfriend." At the end of the day it appears that Brieksmit attempted to help take Trump down with information he didn't himself understand, and he's now being punished for delivering a nothing burger.     

      Very interesting to see this since Trump was not running back in 2014, but the bankers were suiciding themselves left and right as the bankers machine was in full swing with no obstruction from the administration whose Attorney General at the time refused to do anything against the “Too Big To Jail Group” that is under full investigation now.    

      We’ll sit comfortably on the sideline and wait for more truth to be told and more facts to unfold as the newly created money chases the failures in banking, that will eventually lead the original money of the people to sharply higher prices, just like those in our emerging markets paragraphs. So keep your precious metals in hand and outside the system in failure. Keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude in your head no matter what, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson   

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