[#Investment] # 1 My Beginnings - Memories: 90's, Cantor in the City Center, Teletext

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Before I start writing in this category articles about the specific content, such as what I'm investing in today, how I diversify my portfolio or what mistakes I made, I think it is worth to introduce how it all started. Therefore, it will be an introductory article for that I think that is very interesting!

How it started?

I am a year '85 so I remember years of transformation in Poland. Transformations of socialism into capitalism.

As I have about 10 years I often watched on TVP 1 News at. 12:00 AM

My attention has always been to currency quotes - their pictures, thumbnails and courses. There were three quotes:

  • American Dollar,
  • German Mark
  • and the British Pound.

On average every few days I drew attention and I remember how their course changed. I do not remember, but I even wrote down :-D

I wanted to buy one of the currencies. So just to have it and hope it can even make a profit. I asked my mother to take me to the exchange office in our town in the city :-)
Mom gave me money to buy a coin ;-)

Then I went to the salesman and carried out my first Forex trading in my life :-) The choice fell on the British Pound - I bought one coin for about 3 PLN. I felt a great world businessman :-D

I have owned a coin 5 years ago and sold it with a 100% profit or about 6 PLN. This gives you a simple 20% profit on average every year so Warren Buffet will not be ashamed. Of course I did not get any merit in this result :-)​

School choice and adventure with the stock market

I continued my studies in a 5-year high school with an economic profile.

At the end of the high school with a few colleagues I participated in the nationwide School Internet Stock Exchange Game where for virtual money we bought shares on the Polish stock exchange.

At school we used internet access and computer in the class room from the computer and after school we checked the quotations at home in Teletex on TV :-D I remember that we had stock of „KGHM” and gave a nice earn :-)

We did not have any spectacular success but the first experience was gained! I greet our team and your teacher! :-)

Studies, forex and real trading

Seriously it started only in college.

I learned about currency trading, Japanese candles and big profits (no one thought about losses at the time).

I wanted to know as much as possible about this. I watched business programs on TV, I was looking for information on the internet.

The real phase of entry into the world of investing started in me.

It was not without mistakes that I will tell you in the next part of my story...

​I cordially invite you!​ :-)

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Thanks for sharing your story @openart True..it is through making mistakes that we learn and grow!