@nolnocluap's Portfolio Update #2: Aussie Equities, ICOs I'm Thinking Of, Buying The Potential I See In Steem, Gerald Celente On USA Watchdog & More...

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Hi Steemit! As I'm at home recovering from a virus at the moment I thought I'd write up my second portfolio update post. Although I've not made a portfolio change, a few ideas are floating around that I may soon act on. Let's see, where do we start?

  • I'm still liking the idea of averaging into Steem. I continue to hear whispers on the winds that an arrest in the fall may be at hand. Steemit has a new front end scheme which has already been warmly received by the community it seems. Additionally, the well-connected and switched on @bulleth has commented on a few points in particular, namely
They should drop the mobile app soon I reckon and the blog's getting very active
  • From a situation two weeks ago where the site looked lost, we now see a determined effort to progress with Steemit and I think that's positive for the platform and feel ultimately it's good for Steem. I plan to pick up some more Steem this week. Noteworthy is the fact I'm not drawing down on my BTC holdings to buy steem, I'm also still buying BTC.

  • Speaking of the above, I woke up this morning to see Bitcoin had cracked $8,400 AUD and then after my doctor appointment this morning, it had cracked $8,507. There have been a few calls for correction that haven't eventuated and it's been observed by a few on Steemit that technicals can appear to not apply to this rally at times. I'm buying this rally and because Bitcoin has utility for me, I don't see myself offloading it, calamity aside. I'll probably pick up some more Bitcoin this week and store in my KeepKey hardware wallet. I note at time of writing it's now at $8,820... I should stop posting and start buying!

  • Another great Music & Money Show by @scaredycatguide this morning on mspwaves. I hope you were all up listening! The show introduced me to the Crypterium ICO which Scaredy has thrown some gambling money at. I didn't get that much of a chance to research it today as I was sleeping off this man-virus...

    ...although I started with the white paper. Things I like include the fact that I see value in a more traditional looking banking approach as a bridge to more mainstream adoption. Things I don't like include the transaction fee. The facilitation of more POS options for cryptos including NFC capabilities can only be a good thing for breaking into untapped minds and markets so I'm seriously considering throwing a Benjamin or so at this as a gamble.

  • Related to the above, I've been toying with the Power Ledger Token that I wrote about one week ago here. The comments in my post were positive and I also see a business case in Australia for what's on offer here so I'm giving some serious thought to getting into that too. Both this and Crypterium will need a little thought still prior to any action. I've not yet ventured into the ICO space and thought I could spare some cash to go to Vegas so to say.

See powerledger.io for more information.

I find myself increasingly disinterested in my equity investments and now fail to even check the performance on a daily basis. That' said however, features from the commsec daily equity report with comments from me for today are as follows:

  • The first day of the new trading month saw the local ASX 200 moving up about 29 points, almost half a percent and in the neighbourhood of 2 and a half year highs. Now only 70 points or so away from the elusive 6000 point mark. (I've written about this prior, it's now comical how many time forecasters such as The Motley Fool have called for "6000 by Christamas" year after year after year. Will this year go down the same?

  • Catalysts in coming days includ manufacturing out of th us, employment figures, US Fed Chair decision coming out soon

  • Could be heaing more fro house of reps ways and means commity in relation to taxtion policy in the US. These are possibly all market moving.

  • Consumer discretionary stocks were the only blemish on the maket here today. Myer took a hit.

  • CSR down by 5%

See reference here:

There's a great interview out just today from Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog where he interviews Gerald Celente. I really enjoy Gerald's passion and I recommend this clip if you can spare the 46 minutes. If not, here are my notes on his broad range of discussion tops from the broadcast are here for your convenience:

  • Gerald raises the point of disparity in our modern world, namely the fact that 8 people are as wealthy as half the world's population. Insanity.

  • Along those lines, Gerald is in disbelief at some to the social happenings in the US at the moment. At a time when consumer confidence is at a 2000 high, we have the JFK docs released that highlight rampant wire tapping (something that Snowden was and is being hunted for) and all the while the Russia is coming, Russia is coming mania where no evidence of them touching the DNC servers has come to light. A fair bit of the first part of the interview focuses on these issues.

  • Gerald sees a 25 basis point rise in interest rates by the end of the year with a corresponding rise in the dollar and a slowing economy in 2018.

  • He talks about a slow down in US property which is a timely comment as just today the ABC here came out with an article entitled Sydney property goes cold as 'Chinese capital flows fall'. I'd like to see an end to this insanity as I'd like to see a decent entry price into property investment, but the current levels are insanity. This article could speak to big things in the Australian property markets...

Research conducted by Credit Suisse's economics and equity teams found Chinese capital flows are tightly correlated to Sydney housing prices, with movements impacting property demand 12 months down the track. "Over the past few months, the Sydney housing market has not only cooled down, but has arguably turned cold," Credit Suisse wrote.

"Over the past year, Chinese capital flows have fallen considerably, in part reflecting the impact of stricter capital controls. "This fall foreshadows weakness in NSW housing demand in the year ahead."
  • On a point related to the above, another great post by @scaredycatguide went up a few hours ago about
    Investing in Rental Properties that take Little to No Time to Manage. I find this concept appealing so check it out.

  • Gerald cautions about the longer term prospect for the USD (after the impacts mentioned two points above) with the death of the petrodollar and the rise of the petroyuan. This trend "could cause a bitcoin syle high in gold" but he stresses that gold is currently in a trading range and needs to confidently break and hold above $1400 USD before any spike. He sees very little downside risk in the metals which is why I regularly accumulate (and post about it here too).

  • 2018 will see a stage 1 recession according to his trends research with a 10% correction in markets. He notes to watch emerging markets as the dollar rises. Gerald sees the Trump rally as global (although note previous comments on the Aussie markets) so if they unwind, watch Japan, watch China, watch emerging markets.

Well that'll do for today. A lot going on in my head as usual and these are just s few scattered bullet points that may be of help for others too. Let me know what you think of my current thoughts. I've got a roast in the slow cooker which needs checking on and as the horses still need to be fed, I'd best get going before my eyes start burning again from the laptop screen. Thanks for your support everyone and I look forward to reading your comments!



Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also am struggling to regularly check on my stock portfolio. I've got some gold and pot stocks but they're pretty sleepy compared to the crypto space right now so that's where my attention is :)

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Nice write up. The ASX made record highs recently and like you, I find myself being disinterested. I'm only looking at Bitcoin, Verge Currency, physical silver, and possibly Litecoin.

We sound alike in our thinking @fighterone. I too hold a token amount of LTC and it's currently slightly above my buy price. I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only one feeling this way about the ASX at the moment; finding that sort of realization is one of the motivations for making posts like these, so thanks for your input!

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Nice post and very good informative thanks

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