Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Property? (2018) ft Samuel Leeds

in investing •  6 months ago

In this excerpt of my interview with Samuel Leeds, we discuss whether now (2018) is a good time to invest in property.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Its right before the crash....

That’s a good question. In my opinion it’s never bad time to buy a house to live in it or to rent it to someone else. On the other hand, today, to flip the house, it might be much more difficult to make good money. With raising interest rates and prices of real estate a bit too high you may even loose on your investment. Unless you can afford to hold for long time.

Man this is perfect! You answered my question that I asked in the last Samuel Leeds video :-)

It is risky for sure but as he says if a person is willing to put in hardwork, they can be sure find success sooner or later. It is clear that real estate is a multifaceted business. You have to deal with legal aspects of things (both real estate and financial), then the banks and finally the people. As he says - one has to be willing to work hard and over a period of time the benefits can be reaped.

Buying and renting is another way to go. Rental income can be a totally separate stream......... nice!

property investment or real estate investment is a risk free type of investment that earn the investor passive income, and also the price of properties always increases in value . properties investment can be used as a hedge fund against other types of investment like stock and crypto currencies . to my own view and perspective i believe property investment is a good kind of investment @louisthomas

Oh I have seen this one before - the whole interview I mean. Although he makes a very interesting point that property is perhaps the most tangible asset out there but there is one downside that I cannot overcome.

Property investments require a huge initial sums to invest with or start with. It seems to be quite an asset in the portfolio but only with higher a higher investment threshold.

My parents are in it and it is giving them decent returns albeit very slowly.

Property is the ever best things to invest in, property never diminish in price no matter ,if it doesnt pay more now, it will surely in the nearest future. Property is always save and nothing to be afraid of when you have it through legitimate ways. I'm surely advocating investment in property because it does pay and secure.

The best time to invest in a property is during the start of summer. But the real estate markets are unpredictable, so you need to make sure you have enough knowledge of the area you want to invest in. Avoid making purchase at the end of the year.

There is scammer with multiple accounts trying to fool you recently. I’m pretty sure you noticed. Anyway when it comes to property, it’s always a great long therm investment unless there is this bubble before financial and housing crisis in 2008-2009. I noticed rents very high in NY, which should be very profitable if you own multi family property.

Investing in property is always good because it is the only asset that always increases it's value, and never ever decreases,
Go ahead, man!
What are you waiting for?

I think that on the current prices this is the best time to invest

It's always a good time if the numbers make sense. :) Real estate is local so tough to make a blanket statement. However, if you cash flow and expect long term appreciation you win.

let me think.... depends on Location, Location, Location I'd say..


A number of flats and houses are rising. Is a number of square kilometers of the Planet Earth doing the same? Maybe it is just better to buy land not flats or houses?

Property is certainly a good investment long term of that there is no doubt. However recent changes to the law have hit the buy to let market and target small buy to let investors. Also yields especially in London are pitiful. Finally property not a liquid investment which can be serious issue if there is a major crash.

Thanks star that you've really made yourself clear because of others......... Lovely opinion though.

I think it was great investing time!

I don't think stock market is due for a crash, 2018 seems like a pretty tough year for cryptocurrency, investments and all, howbeit there are risks as well as gains of investing in property this year.

Property is really cool and long lasting investment even for someone offspring, it is always be the best ever investment that yield immensely and durable, taking building and land ownership for instance, though crypto currency could also be long time investment but it is not as secure compared to visible properties.

Hello @louisthomas I really like your videos. And this one is quite interesting. I think investing in properties is always a good option and right now the crypto market is also down so it is also a good option.
Well I agree with what Samuel said that renting out property gives us some income which is really a plus point.

I am new to your post. This is a good advice but what is the future of crypto? Thanks for sharing.

It is a good way to make a profit, either by renting or reselling, but by renting you can get good profits in the long term.