Free Crypto!! Earn $150!! AlibabaCoin Airdrop ... 2 Days Left ... Get Yours Now!

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AlibabaCoin is a new crypto focused on the ecommerce market.

They are currently giving away $150 FOR FREE!!

Their goal is to make it simple for people to shop online with crypto.

All you have to do is sign up and BOOM! You are $150 dollars richer!

Sign up now to claim your FREE $150 in Alibabacoin.

The Airdrop

AlibabaCoin is giving away 100 tokens (worth approx. $150usd) to the first 500,000 users who sign up.

Only 2 Days Left! Sign Up Now!

In order to claim your tokens you need to :

  • verify an email address
  • verify a cell phone
  • submit proper KYC documents (Govt. issued ID + Selfie with ID in frame)

Signing up took me less than 10 minutes ...

$900 an hour ... not too bad.


ICOsandwhich Rating

AlibabaCoin was created by a group of ambitious individuals from Dubai looking to add more value to the crypto space and connect the revolutionary new form of payment with traditional e-commerce options. With a large community created through marketing efforts such as their airdrop (Get $100 in AlibabaCoin) , they are poised to grow rapidly. Like most new ICO's they are making rather large claims, but have done an excellent job of proving their worth. With their whitepaper translated into over 5 languages they are trying to become an eCommerce giant, similar to the behemoth Alibaba, which their name pays homage to.

The Team at ICOsandwhich gives AlibabCoin a 9.2 rating.


AlibabaCoin is another one of the countless ICO's launched ... but it's not just another sh** coin.

With a large team, financial backing and an ambitious roadmap, AlibabaCoin is looking to disrupt the crypto market and make their name known. Combining innovative technology such as Facial Recognition with existing Blockchain tech is helping the team stand out in the sea of new tokens. Hopefully they will back up their promises and bring us one step closer to full crypto integration. For now, they are offering an airdrop that is too good to pass up. I have already claimed my free coins ... you should to.

Get $100 of AliabaCoin Free!

Sign Up Now! Only 2 Days Left!

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This seems pretty awesome, and the fact your gonna send me 5 SBD on top of that is just icing on the cake! :0)
I am going to sign up later tonight when I get home.. However I don't wan't to leave my email on the blockchain so could I meet you on discord and give you my email there? Where it is private. Let me know.


joozie_beanz#4336 comes you say 100 coins is 150$ ??


because, each coin is worth $1.50 ! Or at least that is what they were sold for during their ICO

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Do I really need to verify my identity with all that ID's?


ya, its to prevent people signing up multiple times

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They airdroped me 100 of their tokens on
Is it ok if i keep them there do i need to do anything else?
And when will the be listed on exchanges?
Thanks upvoted!


@amahovac93 I believe they are going live on exchanges in 2 weeks.


Do you happen to know which ones?


I would like to know that as well.

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Whoah this is crazy

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yes @bigtakosensei ... airdrops are the truth! most don't pay as much as this one tho

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For everyone who doesn't want to leave their email on Steem... you can message me on discord.

joozie_beanz #4336

@iconsandwhich.. I have registered with your referral link... I have sent you a private message on Discod showing the proof.

Email for registration

I will be expecting you to fulfil your promise because I know you are man of your words. 😀


hey @hardaeborla ... I'm looking at my referrals and I don't see you on the list of emails. I am not trying to be sketchy (I want to build trust with this community, not break it ...) When did you sign up? It's possible it's just not showing up.


Today... I will send you the screenshot.... Are you on telegram? Because I have messaged you on discod and you haven't replied me


That is your referral link you sent via your write up.

That is my 100ABBC reward after registering with your link.


Thanks - I signed up. I await to find out if like Avinoc, the coin mysteriously drops to $0.05USD just before it becomes available on exchanges!


haha we will all have to wait and see :)

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Thanks for sharing this
I have got 100 ABBC IN WALLET


As you said please send me 5SBD,
My registered email id is


still, I don't receive 5SBD as you promised.

Hey everyone, quick update ... it seems that there is a lag/issue with referrals showing up in my account.

A few people have contacted me with their emails. I reached out to the ABBC team and am waiting on a response.

If you have signed up already I will still pay you the $5 sbd but am going to stop the promotion from now on just in case the referrals don't end up crediting to my account.

Really glad I was able to connect so many people with this airdrop and be sure to follow for more Free Crypto.

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what the hell?
Where is the registration button located?

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