Why I am buying some V-ID

in #investinglast year

The super computers in your pocket with more power then first rocket on the moon, yet many companies still rely on fax machines to send their contracts for fear of digital files being tampered with. V-ID (ticket VIDT), can completely eliminate this need for a fax machine and take companies to the current age.
Image from their website. https://about.v-id.org
This crypto project is marketable to literally every company that does business. Their website shows some potential applications but really the sky is the limit, this company has huge potential for growth. Check out their video and website below.


This project has already made some impressive partnerships:
image from https://about.v-id.org.

I believe this startup is off to a great start and their price action seems to be creating an opportunity to get in. After a decent bull run it looks like there are in a correction at the moment. I was inpatient and just bought in but it may continue to correct a bit.

I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice, I believe this project will do well. The problem that they are looking to solve is a real problem and this is a legitimate solution to the problem in my opinion. Invest at your own risk.


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