Do you Invest your Fiat Money?

in investing •  4 months ago

I came across a very interesting article on, that what if you have invested $1000 dollars in various stock 10 years ago. That means if you would have invested in NETFLIX, you would have got more than 5000% returns whereas if you would have invested on Amazon you would have got more than 1200% returns.


Link of Article:

So my question is do you invest your money in stocks? Have you ever considered that if you would have invested 10 years ago, you might be getting an exceptional return of your investment?

The stock market is very risky just like Cryptocurrency market, so have you found an alternative method. How about Investing in Recurring Deposit where you invest $10 every month to a bank to get a fixed return or investing in a mutual fund.

You might be thinking, I have not started earning 10 years ago so what should I do now. Then there is a famous line for you that

The best time to invest was 10 years ago. The second best time is now.

That is you should not think of past but start at the very moment i.e. now. Start investing as small as possible. Though along with the other investment, there is always an investment on yourself, start investing on yourself to gain knowledge which will help you to earn more in future.

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I now i did that thing last year when i was in in crypto. Looked at some major things that "if you invested..." what return will be now.

Right now, i don't really know where to go in this moment. I'm still in crypto and love to see some other investments to spread the risk.

I suppose Tesla could be one of them.

Regarding time of investment... this is obviously the best factor. Timing is essential.
But thinking that is too late is not good.

Maybe 10 years ago you would said the same regarding the investment and is a thought that every people will have all the time.

The challenging parts are:

  1. having power to put some money aside
  2. find good projects / companies
  3. minimize your risk (not all in, spread the risk and invest amount in your comfort zone)
  4. never forget to live life too (don't put all spare money aside, take a breath and enjoy life too)

This are some rules i see good for starting ;-)


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

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My cousin invested in SpiceJet shares sadly the stock price begin to down then he attempted panic sell within a month if sale the price went 200% more what he expected. So he lost all his hope on stock hold 😂.


Share needs a lot of study that's why I usually start a SIP.

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