Intuitive Messages #1: If You Want to be a Writer... Write

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If You Want to be a Writer...Write..jpg

If you want to be a writer... write

If you want to be a dancer, dance.

If you want to be a healer, heal.

If you want to be a teacher, teach.

Diving into the life you want gives you with opportunity to gain new skills that well start you on your way to Mastery. Do not worry about your age. Be proud to be and apprentice. Start new goals. Take pride in the repetitiveness of learning new tasks. Make aiming for perfection a personality trait that propels you forward.

The best time to start is NOT next Monday. The best time to start is NOT at the beginning of the month. The best time to start is NOT at the next full Moon. The best time to start is right NOW.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Also please note that by writing when the best time is "not" I am re-charging your aura to remind you of your goals every Monday, every beginning of the Month, and every Full Moon. May you get to where you want to be, faster than you imagined.


images and graphics used are mine (that's my typewriter!) and compiled together using Canva or simply uploaded from my phone. except the banners which are used with the permission of the community who they were created for

These messages were not written for the Steemit Community. They were written for followers of my newsletter. I have since disbanded my newsletter, and now my messages have no home. Thank you Steemit for a place to give my messages a home

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A nice post. People should always have the boldness and readiness to do things. Some people are easily discouraged by things going on around them and some are scared to take that step. Your write up is very good for people who always think but don't take step for their thought to be a reality.

So true. In my case, I knew I wasn't a good language performer, both in writing and speaking to convey my thoughts. That's why I was in visual arts, to send out what my intentions were with my handy works.
Then again, gradually realized that's not enough. I still need to write and speak for better and adding mutual understanding.
very encouraging post, thank you for sharing.


Thank you for stopping by.

The best time to start is NOT next Monday. The best time to start is NOT at the beginning of the month. The best time to start is NOT at the next full Moon. The best time to start is right NOW

This is really good & so true


I remind myself all the time. If you want to do something, now is the time.

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