Our Life Story | Chapter 2 - Let us introduce ourselves!

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Hi Guys!   

Last week we told you about our plans for the near future. We like to call it Our Life Story.  I love the fact that we can do this together as a couple but of course we are two individuals :) So let us introduce ourselves!   

My name is Sacha and I’m 26 years young ;) I was born in the Netherlands near the city of Utrecht. At the age of six I moved with my parents and two sisters to Limburg (south of the Netherlands) This was such a big change! There was not much to do and the people had this strange accent that I actually didn’t understand. But hey, I got this huge bedroom (all to myself) the school was next door and mom brought home two extremely cute kittens <3  So through the years Limburg became my home.    

20 years later both of my sisters moved out of Limburg to go back to the city. And although I have all my friends, parents and brother in the near, this place gives me the feeling that it’s just too small for me. I love my job as a shop manager in cosmetics but I just know that there is more to life.    

At the age of seventeen I met Luuk on a holiday in Spain. At the time I was still with my previous boyfriend and of course that didn’t last very much longer… A couple of months later I met him again at a party back in the Netherlands. I was young, a bit drunk and very single at that point.   Well… I don’t have to tell you where this story ends but I can tell you that this night was the first one of our life story. 

My name is Luuk and no, I didn’t know she was drunk… ;)  

I was born in Waalre. I also moved to Limburg at a young age with both of my parents, brother and sister. For most of the time in my youth we lived in a small village with hardly any exciting things happening.   

At the age of sixteen I started working at a garage and this is where I learned a lot about repairing cars of all types and brands. After six years of working and learning it felt like I needed a little bit more excitement in my life, it was time for something new.   

At the time of writing this I’m lying in an old smelly bunk bed, surrounded by about 20 even more smelly guys in a shack. If I had to describe this shack, the best comparison I can make is that it looks like a pig stable except for the temperature, which is reeeally hot when the heater kicks in.  You must be thinking, what the hell is this guy doing there. So let me explain…       

It’s all part of my current job as a mechanic in the Dutch Army, and after more than 7 years I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I’m getting way to old for this sh*t. Don’t get me wrong, with the age of 29 I’m still young and most of the time I really like my job but I don’t see myself doing this until I’m retired. The time has come for a new adventure :)    

Even though Holland has its beautiful places and everything is well taken care of (except for the weather of course) I truly believe there are many more exciting places to visit, things to see and people to meet on this planet.    

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This is our life story

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Hi, @ourlifestory
I'm writing my life story :) I like your name :D


Thanks! Also for sharing your story :) We will follow you!


Glad to share with you. Followed :)