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Hi guys,
So where to start.., my name's Chris,
This is my first day in Steemit.
I decided to join this community after a friend introduced me.
I am looking forward to learning more about this wonderful community and to create great content. More than anything, I can't wait to meet like-minded people on Steemit.
My friend said that you come to Steemit for the money and you stay for the community

What I do

Photographer by day & VFX Artist by night

IMG_5311.jpg Between shifts

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I think we are a part of something truly special here, and I welcome you! Another early adopter to this amazing technology.

Hi @njoromuts welcome to the community. You will learn so much.

Kindly join the United African community here

Welcome @njoromuts, hoping to learn from you.

As always i choose to remain SteemdUp

Thanks guys, I've been here for just a few days now & I love steemet. Don't know why it took me this long to join