Who am I and why should you give a damn?

Hey there fellow Steemers! My name is Joshua Dollar (yes my real last name is Dollar) and i guess this is going to be my intro into Steemit. To be honest i don't really know what this platform is or what i am really getting into lol! But i learned about this site from a module in Tai Lopez's Bitcoin Mentor Program. As of right now i am a social media advertiser that represents restaurants in the San Diego area so most of my posts are probably going to be about social media, bitcoin, credit card advice, gym life, and other things that are valuable to know. So why should you listen to me? Well, for starters i am 22 years old and have lived on my own since i graduated high school at 17. Since then i have started a landcaping company, sold over 50k worth of kitchen cutlery door to door, started my own social media advertising company, as well as a few ecommerce websites through shopify and wordpress. Through my social media company i have learned so many valuable ninja tricks in the business to get more followers, engagement, and more overall ROI. This post will not contain much info about my advertising techniques, but dont worry! Those will be coming soon along with alot of other great things i have learned through my journey. Another reason why you should give a damn about what i have to say is my large network of mentors. Mentorship is 100% the most important thing if you want to become an entrepreneur, without mentors how will you learn? You will make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are so big that your company goes down with you....like my landscaping biz. But hey live and learn! Thats exactly what i did, i learned that if i wanted to avoid failure i needed to find someone who has already done what i want to do and get them to mentor me so i do not make unnecessary mistakes. My mentors range from Multi Millionaire Entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez, Alex Mehr, and Mike Carrol to Restaurant owners like Phil Pace, even leadership moguls like Howard Solomon of Solomon 2.0. So i think this concludes my first post for Steemit. I hope you found some value in this and continue to check out my posts!LTG Hybrid Logo.png


i like your post, i think you have a lot to share with us, welcome to the community

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